Saturday, September 27, 2014

Scrappy fall colours!

I'm just quickly checking in with my Rainbow Scrappy Challenge "blocks" - Angela chose orange for September.  Up until June or July, I didn't have a lot of orange fabric, but, now that I've had a chance to gather some, I managed to get my blocks done!  I'm using my peach and rust fabrics too, so that it looks like I've got a biggish stash.
I've had my fabrics cut for 2 weeks, but life has just been too busy to get to sewing.  Thankfully, a lot of the things that have clogged my calendar are now behind me - and I spent about an hour in my sewing room today, pulling these blocks together.
First are the Japanese x and + blocks:
I LOVE the orange dots with the random brown spots in the 2nd block!  The little triangles on the bottom left corner of the 2nd block have little brown and peach turtles on them - so cute!  Also, you might have to enlarge the pic so you can see that the + in the 2nd block isn't made of the same fabric as the upper right corner....
Next up are the 5 braid strips: 
I'm getting really excited to see what colours Angela chooses for the last 3 months - and then these strips will be finished!
Finally there's the Kickin' Stash blocks - I repeated some of my favourite fabrics, but I was surprised to see how many "orange" fabrics I really had!  I found some scrappy bits left over from a jelly roll - that gave me an additional 4 fabrics!
So, now that I have my September blocks finished, I'm ready to find out which scraps will see the light of day for October!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

What to do....

I'm quickly running out of time to choose a project for September's "A Lovely Year of Finishes' - and the problem is, I have too many to choose from!  Plus, September is going to be a really crazy, busy month, so I have to choose wisely!
I HAVE to finish this Christmas wall-hanging
by Sept. 24th, to be able to enter it into one of my local fairs, so it's the obvious choice, AND it might be the best choice, seeing as I may not have enough time to do anything else.  The center of the wall-hanging was created with my Twister tool, and, once I got the hang of it, it was fairly easy to do.  Now that I have the hard part done, I just have to put on the 2 borders (narrow red, and wider green and white Christmas-sy fabric) on it, and then quilt it and add the hanging sleeve.  I recently bought some great gold "pearls" on a string that I might add to give the illusion of garland, but I haven't decided on that yet....  Come to think of it, that may be more than I have time for, but that's the purpose of ALYoF - challenging myself to finish a project!
So, that's it then - here's hoping it will get done in time!