Saturday, April 14, 2018

I'm on a roll!

I've been able to work on quite a few quilts lately!  At the beginning of the year, I made a list of all my UFOs, and I'm working at getting some (most?) of them finished up and donated.  Of course, I've since found a few more, so every time I think that I can cross one more quilt off the list, another UFO pops up in it's place!
I've also started a new one - I've mentioned before that I'm working on a few quilts for a local hospital's PCCU, and I came across a quick and easy "guy" quilt tutorial the other day.  I should say though, that reading through the pattern first would have been a VERY good idea!  It just needed 6 different colours or shades of one colour (I used 6 blue Kona cottons).  The pattern didn't specify yardage, but someone asked in the comment section, and the answer was "I used about half a yard of each colour".  So, I made a quick trip to the quilt shop - and just to be on the safe side, I bought .6m of each fabric (approx. 23").  Got home, washed and dried my fabrics, and started cutting, only to find out that you can't get (14) 2 1/4" strips out of 18" (or 23" for that matter).  So, back to the quilt shop...
It really is a quick and easy pattern!  I sewed the strips on Saturday, pressed and subcut them Monday morning, and had the top done by supper time.  It measures 50" x 68", so just exactly the right size!  I'm hoping to get it quilted this week.  The picture doesn't show the true colours, but you get the idea!

Then there are the scraps!  I started sorting them by colour about 2 years ago, but every scrap got tossed into a bucket, without regard for shape or size.  Now, I'm spending about an hour each day, just cutting up scraps into the sizes I use most often - and then I put some beside my machine to use as leaders / enders - or sometimes I just want to sew something different!  These strips will be made into a Chinese Coins quilt - not sure yet how it will look...
I also finally got the borders put on this quilt - it's Jack of Hearts by Heather Spence: 
It's going to be a square quilt - maybe about 63" square.  I'm hoping that it will get into the quilting line-up this week or next.  I'm also going to be making a couple of blocks for a very special quilt in the next day or two - check back next week to see what I'll be working on next!
Thanks for stopping by!
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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

National quilting day - slightly late

I had this post half-written on Saturday evening, and then my computer crashed...  It has had a lovely vacation at the computer repair shop, and is finally home again, working properly!
So, back to business - National Quilting Day!  I had a good day to sew / quilt.  We're in the middle of a major bathroom renovation, and everything is all over the house, and it's all covered in a fine layer of drywall (wallboard) dust, so there was no point in doing any housecleaning, right?  Just the laundry - and stitching!
Our neighbours are expecting their first baby any day now, and I need a gift for them.  I came across a small quilt top that I made last year(?), and it looked like the perfect gift.  I also found a bright flannel print, and got it quilted up pretty quickly!

 It still needs to be bound, but I need to find a fabric or two to "match" the fabrics.  
 It was still a few hours until bedtime, so I pulled out a UFO from a class that I took with my daughter.  The pattern was called "Crooked Furrows", and was fairly quick and easy.  I even had a border on it - it just needed to be quilted and bound, but I wasn't sure what to do with it when I had it finished.  I measured it, and discovered that without the border, it was the perfect size for a donation quilt for a local hospital's Pediatric Cristical Care Unit, so I "unstitched" it.  I layered it and managed to get about half of it quilted - and realized that I really didn't care for what I'd done so far, so the seam ripper made an appearance once again...  Once the stitching was removed, I started again - this time straight-line stitching a 1/4" from the vertical seams (both sides).  I really liked this!
I didn't get it completely done on Saturday, but picked it up again on Monday - and not only got the quilting done, but got it bound too!   It's ready to deliver!  

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

My "Squirrel" project

In my last post, I mentioned that I had come across a blog post describing dolls made for kids that were born with disabilities such as partial limbs, port wine birthmarks, etc.  Kids that would never find a doll in the toy shop that looked just like them.  Enter Amy Jandrisevits, owner and creator of A Doll Like Me .  Amy makes one-of-a-kind dolls for these little ones - and when Bernie Kringel found out about them, she organized a "drive" for doll quilts so that each doll that was sent out would arrive with it's own quilt.
Of course, quilters are known to be a generous bunch - and soon, quilts were being stitched up in the USA, Canada, and various other countries.  I was one of those quilters.
I didn't start out planning to make 6 quilts, but that's what I ended up with!  I had a bit of a head start with 4 of them - I found a stack of Pieced Tulips blocks that I had started making a few years ago as a way to participate in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  I had 5 blocks in each of four colours - so I chose 4 of each colour and sewed them together = 4 doll quilts made! 

I also had a few random charm packs stashed away - pulled them out and found a few quilt ideas on Pinterest - and ended up with 2 more little quilts.
They're winging their way to Amy - and hopefully some day soon, to their new home.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Done and done...

I haven't been here much, because I've been busy sewing!  I managed to finish quilting the Plus quilt top that I shared last time - and I made another quilt geared more to a teenage boy (at least, that's what I was aiming for!)  

 I was fortunate to find a backing fabric with plus signs on it - and it's grey and blue just like the quilt front!

I'm still working on adding borders to my 3 versions of the New Year's day mystery quilts, but I'm hoping that you'll see them finished soon.
Of course, almost every quilter knows a version of the quilter's "Squirrel" - being committed to finishing a project before starting anything new, and all of a sudden, there's a new project that I JUST HAVE TO DO!!!  This past week has been a great example of that!  I spotted a blog post on Sunday about a one-woman charity that creates dolls for kids that are born "different" - they may be missing a limb, or have facial abnormalities or big birthmarks - and Amy Jandrisevits creates "A Doll Like Me"  for these kids.  Of course these dolls need quilts, right?  There's a doll quilt drive on 'til the end of the month, and I've managed to make 6 "tops".  I should be able to get them quilted on Monday and into the mail on Tuesday.  This is one of the tops: 

Oh, there's also been some knitting going on too - I'm knitting a sweater for my nephew's 2 year-old son, and another one for the baby that's due next month - word has it that it's a girl!  I'm using the Crazyheart pattern designed by Tanis Lavallee for the "Heart on My Sleeve" project.  I'm skipping the stripes in the body and sleeves, but the bright triangles will be there!

But now I've got to get back to work - thanks for stopping by!
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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Wrapping up January

This has been a crazy month - wild weather, getting called to work to fill in for a friend, ending up with a pinched nerve in my neck...  There's not much of that that I'd like to repeat!
But, somehow, I did manage to accomplish a few things!  I mentioned the last time that I'd pulled fabric from my stash to complete 2 more of Merry Mayhem's New Year's day mystery quilt - "Zigs & Zags" - and I've got both of those tops finished.  One of them will hopefully appeal to a boy / teen -  I don't know about the other one, but they'll both be going to the Pediatric Critical Care Unit of a local hospital.  Here they are:

 They currently measure approx. 48" x 64", so I may add borders yet to make them just a bit bigger - and hopefully, I'll get them quilted next week.

I also cut 5" squares earlier this month to make a Plus quilt - and then ended up with a pinched nerve in my neck, so the assembling didn't happen when I hoped - but I finally managed to sew the last seams yesterday afternoon - and this one's ready for quilting too!  It's a bit bigger than the previous ones - it's 52" x 66", so that's a perfect size!
And finally, I managed to finish a gift for each of my grandsons!  They were supposed to be for Christmas, but I piled too much on my plate for December, and the boys didn't know they were supposed to get one more gift.  So, last week Saturday, grandson #1 turned 3 years old, and he and his brother got their "A Bear and a Bunny Suit" bears!  The pattern is by Susan B. Anthony, and is available on Ravelry.  The boys were thrilled with their new toys!
Now that January is behind us, what can I get done in February?  You'll have to come back to see!

Saturday, January 6, 2018

A start...

Okay, the new year is 6 days old, and I already have a "finish" to share!  It helps that Merry Mayhem had their annual New Year's day Mystery Quilt, and that a few friends encouraged me to join up. 
It was a really fun, easy and very enjoyable project - just (4) 1-yard pieces of fabric, 7 steps, and voila!  a pretty quilt top!
I was excited to find all the fabrics for this quilt in my stash - and now I have some pretty scraps leftover to use for any of the five or so scrappy projects that I'm always adding to.
So, without further ado, I give you "Zigs and Zags"!
This is the twin sized quilt, and it finishes at approx. 48" by 64" without borders.  I have enough of the white background to make a border, but I don't think that would be the best look - it should probably be one of the darker fabrics.  The joy of using stash...
This quilt will be donated to the Pediatric Critical Care Unit of a local hospital - there's a big need for quilts for teens, and this is almost the perfect size.  The best part is, the quilt was SO much fun to do, and so easy - so, I went back to my fabric bins, and pulled fabric to make 2 more!  
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Saturday, December 30, 2017

One final post for 2017...

Hello!  Remember me?  It's been a while - between a crazy amount of knitting that I committed to doing, and my sewing machine dying, I haven't done much sewing in the past 2 months - and no blog posts is the result.
But, the good news is, hubby bought me a new sewing machine for Christmas!  Also, most of the knitting is done too - so hopefully, there will be more blog posts in the new year.
So, what have I been knitting?  Prayer shawls, baby sweaters, and a few toys for my grandsons...  (they aren't finished, so I can't share them yet).  The prayer shawls though - have a look:
 This one is made with a medium brown worsted weight yarn combined with a sport weight white variegated with red and dark green spots - one row is knit, and the other row is k1, p1 across the row.
This shawl is made with a blue / green / beige variegated worsted weight yarn combined with a Bernat Pop! ball that had several shades of green / aqua.  It's done with a simple k2, p1 stitch across the row - EVERY row.  Both were done on 8 mm needles.
I've also knit a few Tenderheart sweaters from Tincanknits for baby gifts - and I've already shared those finishes - but they released a new pattern (Dogstar) this past fall, and I had to try one of them!  I've shared a few "in progress" pictures of that sweater, and finally can share the completed photo: 

It's been gifted to my daughter's friend's little girl.
And now, the really exciting news - I've signed up to do a mystery quilt on New Year's day!  It's through Merry Mayhem - it sounds really fun.  These are my fabrics - and the fun starts Monday morning at 11.  You'll have to check back in a few days to see what I've done with them!
I appreciate your patience as I got my "stuff" sorted out!  I'm hoping to find a better balance of projects (and commitments!) in the new year.
Psst!  Did I tell you that 2 of our neighbours are expecting babies?....  Here we go again!