Saturday, December 3, 2016

Time marches on...

Actually, most days, I think it's actually racing!
I have my November Quilty 365  blocks to share - I now have 335 blocks finished (and I believe that I haven't repeated a fabric in any of the blocks - not sure whether that's something to brag about!).  When I finish the 31 blocks for December, I will have completed a complete year - a block for every day!  Of course, I chose not to do the circles that many were doing - I probably would not have reached this point if that were the case.  These blocks finish at 6 1/2", and I think they will make at least 2 quilts, and possibly 3.  They will be donated to a charity that provides warm blankets to 3rd world communities, and all sizes are needed, so I'll have to see how large the quilts end up being once the blocks are assembled.
Here are the 30 for this month:

Of particular note is this one - my teardrops - tears of joy, shed as we celebrated the birth of our second grandson on Nov. 17th.  We were thrilled to be able to stay with his older brother while mom (and dad) stayed in the hospital for 2 days - of course, that meant 2 days with no sewing machine...
Thankfully, all is well with mom and baby, and big brother is adjusting to his role quite well (he's almost 2).

Finally, my test quilt for Cathy is SO close to being finished!  I goofed up some of the instructions, and had to buy more fabric, which ended up costing me 3 days, but I'm almost ready to put the whole top together, and take pictures.  Cathy has been VERY patient with me, and I really need to get this done - there are a few Christmas gifts to sew and knit yet, and I need the time to work on them too.  I hope to have a finish for you by Wed. or Thurs.!
Thanks for stopping by!
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Monday, November 7, 2016

Design Wall (Table?) Monday...

It's been a REALLY long time since I've done a design wall post - partly because I don't really have a wall to post things to.  So, today, I decided to try using the table on my screened in porch that I use for layering quilts, and it worked fairly well!  The only real downfall was that I couldn't get out there until after 5 pm; the time change on the weekend made the space a little dim, and there's no lights out there (I use that area primarily in the summer - there's no heat out there either!)  But, I really wanted to get this posted today, and the pictures turned out reasonably well...
I had mentioned that I was testing a pattern for Cathy - I've been plugging away at this for a few weeks now, and I just want to get it done!  It's not a complicated pattern, but life got really busy for a bit, and then hubby was diagnosed with influenza which meant that I got to put my nursing skills to work for about 9 days.  With some of the other craziness going on, I didn't pay enough attention to the instructions, and ended up making a goof that required ordering more of my feature fabric - and waiting for it to arrive.  It finally came, and I'm on a roll again!  The pattern is Geese Around the Tulip Patch, and here's my version (so far):

The pattern uses these 2 blocks for the body of the quilt:

I'm hoping to have all the blocks assembled by this weekend!
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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Little things...

It's that time of the month again - time to reveal my 366 blocks for October.  I have been doing this for 305 days!  (plus the first 3 for November... but we aren't going to count them just yet).  Taking a quick look at the blocks when I photographed them, I see that I did a lot of black and black-and-red blocks.  I cut out stacks of black and white, and black and red and white, and white and black blocks for a quilt I'm eager to do.  It was too hot to sew, so I cut fabrics instead (the air-conditioning didn't reach to my sewing room... and we had some HOT days in October!)  I also cut the fabrics I needed for our quilt guild's place mat donation - I was assigned to use purple - and that colour also made an appearance in my 366 blocks.  So, now that you know why some colours appear more abundantly than others, you can see the blocks!
Another little thing that I've been busy with is tiny "bead bags".  We have an excellent Children's Hospital in the city near us.  One of the neat things they do is to give every child a "bravery bead" every time they have to have a procedure done - x-rays, scans, bloodwork, chemo, etc. - and the kids need a place to keep those beads until they collect enough to make a necklace.  That's where these little bags come in.  I was asked a few weeks ago if I have fabric - YES!  I do!  Then I was asked to make some of these little bags - so these 14 are ready to go tomorrow morning.

Here's a close-up of some of the fun fabrics I used - and I have LOTS more cut and ready to sew up.

I have a BIG project in the works too - I'm testing a quilt pattern for my friend Cathy - it's called "Geese Around the Tulip Patch" (there's a pic on her blog!) - mine is in greens.  I'll have a picture of my progress here in a day or two...
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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Late again...

I always seem to have good intentions...  and then LIFE happens!  Too many things happening, not enough time to deal with it all!
I did manage to keep up with my Quilty 365 project - I've finished 9 months!  That works out to 274 days (if my math is correct!) - so, I can make a commitment and keep it - sometimes better than others!  Making commitments isn't my problem, it's keeping them going!
I'm busy working away on a few quilty projects - don't have anything I can share just yet, but it's happening behind the scenes.  SO, I only have my Dancing Plus blocks to show right now.   Here are September's blocks:
So far, I haven't had to repeat a fabric - don't know if that's a good or a bad thing!, and I still have lots of stash to choose from.  The best quilty news in September was that I won a FQ bundle of fabric, so lots of new pretty pieces to choose from!  
I'm busy working on testing a pattern for a friend, and have a baby item or two on my knitting needles (all things that I need to blog about - SOON!), but that will have to wait for another day.  
I also finished the top that I blogged about in mid-September, but for some reason, I don't have a picture of it, so I'll have to work on that too.  
Stay tuned!
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Monday, September 19, 2016

Scrappy Saturday Sewing

It's been a while since I could just sew for the afternoon - apart from trying to keep up with my Quilty 365 project, but today I finally decided to "just do it" as the slogan says!
I've had a HUGE pile of 2 1/2" x 4 1/2" blocks cut since last year - one of the guest bloggers for last year's 'Hands2Help' challenge said that she cuts her scraps into rectangles based on those dimensions and then sews them into blocks.  I started using her method of using up my scraps - it makes for a great Leader / Ender project - and eventually, you get a pile of blocks!  Today was the day I finally made time to put them together.
I made great progress on this top - it still needs another 2 rows to be a "proper" quilt, but I'm pleased with what I've accomplished today!
*And now it's Monday - I put my post on hold to get a picture, but it didn't happen until today - it still needs those 2 rows - they'll get added sometime soon, I hope (before month's end if I have any say in the matter!)
This is what it looks like now:
I see a few rows where I have matching blocks touching each other (of course I didn't notice that when I sewed the rows together...), but I may just leave them.  That's the charm of a scrappy quilt, isn't it?  Thanks for stopping in!

Saturday, September 3, 2016

August Quilty 365 report

It's that time of the month again - time to share my Quilty 365 progress!  I'm a few days late - I had 29 of my blocks done, and had to scramble to find enough time to finish the last two blocks - but they're finally done!
I knew that August was going to be crazy, but I had NO idea how crazy life could get - until it actually happened.  I've been helping to care for my dad in supportive housing; then, late last week, he moved into long-term care.  He had a really rough start, and I wasn't sure that he'd actually still be around by the end of this week, but he's starting to settle in, and I've finally had a sort of quiet day.
I was able to work in my sewing room for almost 2 hours today!  I finished my August blocks, and here they are:

I also finished 10 or 12 blocks for Kat's August block drive for Covered In Love.  I was a little hesitant to commit to participating, because there was the danger of our postal employees going on strike, but that, thankfully, has been averted, so the blocks are somewhere in the postal system.  The day after I sent them, I realized that I'd forgotten to take a picture of my blocks...!  BUT, I loved the block that Kat chose (a disappearing 9-patch with black and white fabrics, surrounding a central block in either lime green, Caribbean blue, or sunny yellow) - and I've decided to take the fabrics that I had left-over, and I'm making my own D9P blocks!  The only difference is that each block will have a different Kona solid at the center of the block - and I have quite the assortment of colours!  I worked on a few of those blocks today, and hope to have time on Monday to cut and re-assemble some of those blocks.  I'm excited to see how the different colours will look together!
And finally, I needed a card today to accompany a prayer shawl that one of our craft group volunteers made for a member of our church.  The prayer shawl will be going to a man fighting cancer, so I needed a masculine-looking card to go with the prayer shawl - and this is the finished card:
  It's a little hard to see, but there's a "patchy" diamond design embossed onto the top of the light card-stock.  I love the image of the tree - strong and immovable - as I hope  his faith is!  
I'm going to link up my blocks to the QuiltyFolk website - there are already a number of blocks posted!  And, as always, thanks for stopping in!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Scrappy sewing!

For once this year, I have a very good excuse for not getting much sewing done - it's the Olympics...  Yes, I'm totally addicted to watching the different sports - things that I'd never watch throughout the year, but for some reason, I'm hooked on them now!  Well, maybe part of the reason for that is that the TV happens to be in the only air-conditioned room in my house - and WOW! have we needed the A/C this summer!  I'm not complaining - I've been waiting for summer since those cold days back in January and February; now that it's here, well...  Also, my garden has been producing like a house on fire!  Which means lots of picking, canning and freezing.  I'm SO thankful though!
But, back to the sewing...  I've been doing a lot of cutting - parts for on-going projects, parts for new projects - because I can cut fabric and watch the Olympics at the same time.  I need to cut pieces for my Quilty 365/366 blocks, and, while I have the fabrics out, I may as well cut block parts for a new project.  Katy over at KatyQuilts designed this block, and shared the pattern.  I fell in love with it immediately, and I've started cutting fabric for it every time I cut fabrics for my daily blocks.  I've got quite the stack of fabrics ready to sew.
As well, Kat posted her August block  for her Covered In Love charity block drive.  She wants black and white fabrics to make Disappearing 9-Patch blocks, using either lime green, bright yellow or Caribbean blue for the center square.  I have LOTS of black and white fabrics, so this is an easy one for me!  I grabbed the box of B/W fabrics, found some lime fabrics, as well as a suitable blue and started cutting.  I had to go shopping for a yellow fabric (what a hardship, right?), and quickly assembled these blocks:
  They're ready to be sliced up and re-assembled into D9P blocks.  I actually have about 8 more blocks ready to cut up.  
One last quick project was for a wedding shower at church.  Our church life coordinator is getting married next month, and we showered her with love and gifts earlier this evening.  Her fiancee has honey bees, and they enjoy "creating" honey and honey-based products, which they sell at our town's Farmer's Market.  She also sews, and I was sure she'd enjoy these "bee" inspired coasters - all of the fabrics either have bees in the print, or have bee-striped influences.  The coasters will be put to good use, I'm sure!

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