Thursday, February 7, 2019

A quick project.

Two weeks ago, a friend mentioned that her Women's Institute was working to make little quilts and knitted / crocheted afghans for donation to the local Children's Hospital.  They'll wrap a stuffed toy in them, and a book will complete the gift - they'll be given to children when they're admitted.
Even though I'm not an official member of the WI, I sometimes help with projects like this, and offered to make a few little quilts.
I had a few ideas, and cut up some orange and yellow fabrics to make into HST units; I also cut up some of my "Eye Spy" fabrics into little squares to turn into a Plus quilt; and finally, I bought a Grunge Dots mini charm pack to add to a Grunge mini charm pack that I already had. I paired up each of the Grunge fabrics with a Grunge Dots fabric and sewed them into 4 patches, then sewed them into strips, and finally, into a big square.
I had some lightweight batting, and after a bit of a mis-step, assembled 4 little quilts "envelope" style - and they're ready to donate tomorrow!
I think they're kind of cute!  Hopefully the kids will think so too!
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Thursday, January 31, 2019

What I've been up to...

I can't believe that we're already a month into this new year!  I've been really busy, but don't have a lot to show for it....
My sister and I are executors for my dad's estate, and we've been busy working on that - lots of appointments and phone calls, etc - and we aren't done yet, but there's a light at the end of the tunnel!
So, what else have I been doing?  A lot of knitting, mostly.  Our church's craft group provides Prayer Shawls to people in our congregation that are going through rough times - people facing cancer diagnoses, the loss of loved ones, or maybe other significant losses.  Sometimes we have a few shawls in reserve, and sometimes we need to give out a few in a month - like this past month.  Of course, that means that we have to have more shawls made!  I've made 2 in the past few weeks - one has already been gifted, the other is ready to go...  This one will probably go to a man - it's made with a Caron Cake,"plied" with a lightweight dark grey solid yarn.

The second one has already been given to a young woman.

I did manage to get into the sewing room too for an hour here and there, and made up a stack of blue Raspberry Kiss blocks.  As soon as I can find my 12.5" square ruler, I'll trim these up and send them off to B.C. where Dara of Stitched Quilting Co. will assemble these blocks (and others) into quilts that will be delivered to the families of slain Canadian police officers.  
Hoping that they aren't needed very soon!
I found a big box yesterday that looked like it contained some fabric - but it turns out it had 3 or 4 quilts pin-basted and ready to quilt in it, and another 2 tops and a pile of blocks that need to be assembled, so I don't think that I'm going to run out of tasks for a while!
Thanks for dropping by!
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Monday, December 31, 2018

Last post for 2018

I realized that now I can finally post all of the things I've been busy with this month - mostly knitting, but some quilty things too.
The socks that I was working on have been completed - I knit a pair for both of my daughters for Christmas.

 I've shown these in a previous post....  They went to daughter #2.

And the pair knit for daughter #1 - modeled so well!
Then there was the hat for grandson #2...   His older brother has a lighter blue version, and we couldn't have just one hat for 2 boys!

And I finished up some charity quilts - mostly tops that just needed quilting and binding.....

And our year ended up with family time, some planned, some very unexpected, as my father passed away rather suddenly.  He was 89, and longed to be with mom...  He's rejoicing in heaven with her now!

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Saturday, December 8, 2018

These UFOs have seen the light!

I've been keeping occupied lately by moving - moving from our large, bright, warm living room, to my (much smaller, colder, darker) sewing room.  We had friends from New York visiting for a few days last month, and we really needed to be able to sit in the living room in the evenings.  But, just bringing down all the mess from the living room wasn't going to work - I was already having trouble finding things in my little sewing room space, and adding more "stuff" wasn't going to do anyone any good.  So, about 2 weeks before our guests arrived, I started sorting through the piles, and half-made blocks, batting scraps, etc. trying to make some sense of it.  Some of the things have been hiding well for almost the 10 years that we've been living here, and I couldn't see the point of holding on to them any longer.  Three trips to the thrift store later....  I could finally see some room for all of the projects coming downstairs - and then I decided to relocate some of the furniture too.  My big cutting table went out, and two smaller tables moved in.  My sewing table also found a new home, as I'll be sewing on one of the 2 tables that moved in.  It's snug, but workable - and it's still a work in process, but there's a light at the end of the tunnel!  As a reward for all my hard work, I decided that I could spare a few hours to quilt a small Project Linus quilt.  The top was made in the summer, so it just needed to be quilted and bound - and I got that done!

The fabric is Rainy Day from Me and My Sister designs.
 In the process of searching for some backing fabric, I discovered another top that's been finished for 2 or 3 years.  I lost my enthusiasm for the project at that point and just set it aside.  I'd been fabric shopping with my daughter a few weeks ago, and bought some fabrics "just because", and they ended up being "just right" for this quilt - and the leftover backing fabric scraps ended up becoming the binding!

The bright fabrics on the front are all from the same (forgotten) line - the backing is a Windham fabric that I got for $7.00/m!
Sewing in my sewing room through the day isn't too bad - but it's harder at night, because the light just isn't great - so I've been getting some knitting done then.  I've been working on socks for Christmas presents - I shared a pic of the first pair in my last post.  The second pair is well on it's way to completion:
The yarn is Knitpicks "Stroll Hand Painted Sock Yarn" - the colour is a combination of aquas and browns, and looks a little richer in real life.  I should be able to finish the second sock in the next week or two - and I hope to have enough time left to knit a hat for my youngest grandson - more on that in my next post!

Saturday, October 27, 2018

I'm still alive! Honestly!

Yikes, it's been a long time since I blogged - but you probably knew that already...  It's the usual story - too many things on the go at once, and getting distracted by too many other "fun" things (and some not so fun ones...).
I have been working on some fun projects though!  I started (and finished) two quilts for the Pediatric Critical Care Unit of a local hospital, and have a couple of knitting finishes as well.
First off is another "Have Faith" quilt: 
 The background is a muted teal, and the "pluses" are mostly blue or grey tones.
My second one for the PCCU is a pattern that I tested for another blogger (Jan Ochterbeck) - she called her version "Star Spangled Spiral", featuring red, white and blue fabrics.  I knew immediately that I wanted to use a Zen Chic fabric from their Modern Background Colorbox line, but there were a number of issues in getting it in time, so I switched to a black and white print instead.  I used green and blue shades of Kona for the accents and Snow for the contrasting centers - and here it is: 
(I noticed just now that I have one block turned wrong on the left side, so that will have to be corrected before I get it quilted completely).  This quilt is a great size for a teenage boy!

Another kind of project has also kept my hands busy - knitting.  Our church craft group provides prayer shawls for congregants that are going through difficult times, and we've had the need for quite a few in the past few weeks.  I started (and finished) 2 shawls this past month, but forgot to get a pic of the one - here's the second one:
It's made with dark teal and variegated teal yarns held together to make a warm and cozy shawl.  I hope that it brings a lot of comfort to the recipient.
And finally, I've started knitting socks for Christmas gifts for a few special people - the first pair is done!   The yarn is Knitpicks "Stroll".  They're a fairly quick knit and so satisfying to work on in the evenings when it's too dark to see what I'm sewing!
And now I'm tired!  I still have a lot of projects on the go - at least one more pair of socks, and maybe a sweater for myself, but they'll have to wait for another day!
Thanks for reading!
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Monday, August 27, 2018

August update

I thought I was doing a little better this month in the "posting" department - until I realized that it's already been more than a month since my last post...  OOPS!
It's been another busy month - spent a day here and there with my daughter(s) and grandsons; the garden is at it's peak, and there's been a LOT of freezing and preserving going on.  My SIL's grandmother passed away, so we had a funeral too.  There's even been a bit of quilting!
About a month ago, I saw a post about "blocks needed" on Instagram.  There's a movement happening to provide the families of fallen Canadian police officers with a quilt.  The block is a 12.5" blue Raspberry Kiss block - and I've done a stack of them in the 9" size, so I figured it wouldn't be too hard to go up a size.  Found the pattern, started making blocks - got them to the point of squaring them up, and found out that there was a mistake in the pattern...  So, found my trusty seam ripper, and took all the blocks apart.  Sewed them back together on Sat. and trimmed them all up today - and I was shocked to find that I'd made 35 blocks!  These are just a few of them.

I'm also still working on making more quilts for the Peddiatric Critical Care Unit, with the focus on older boys.  Seeing as I had been working with so many blue fabrics, I decided to make another "Have Faith" quilt, using primarily blue fabrics for the pluses - and added a bit of grey to some of them.
I'lve got all the blocks made now - just have to join them up into a top, and then get it quilted so that it can be put to use.  But first, I have a very special quilt to make a back for - and then I'll have to quilt it - and have it ready to present next week.  All I know right now is that it's big - not quite queen size maybe?  I have to find all the special fabrics that I'm hoping to use for the back - and then hopefully make a back that's big enough the first time!
I HOPE to have a show-and-tell post later next week!
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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

July "doings"

It's been far too long since I've popped in here to update you on my "doings" - and so I'm going to rectify that...
There's still been some family drama going on - I'm still one of my father's "care-givers", and, now that my MIL is gone, we've sort of added her 91 year old sister to the list of people that we care for.  Some days are uneventful, and we just breeze through them - and then there are the days that dad has fallen, or has a fever and increased confusion - or auntie needs to go to the hospital.  Then add that I have a VERY part-time job occasionally in the summer - and don't forget the garden!  And the grandsons!  All of those things are far more important than finishing a quilt.
But, quilt-y progress has gone on!
I've been working on a quilt for a very special person in my life - unfortunately, I can't show it to you yet, because it isn't quite done - and it has to be delivered before I can show the pics - but it should be soon!
I've also fallen hard for scrap quilting and the concept of leaders and enders (having fabric pieces near to the sewing machine that can be stitched up when you get to the end of your "real" project). My problem is that I get so excited about the leaders and enders, and I spend an hour working on them - and no progress gets made with the project at hand! 
In the past, I hesitated to share those process photos, but they may be the only things that I can show, so you're going to be treated to them.  First up is a quick quilt top that I whipped up one afternoon.  A few years ago, I decided to cut a 2.5" - 3.5" strip off every piece of yardage that I bought.  I tucked them into a box, and then forgot about them.  I found the box a few weeks ago, and I decided that I might never use them if I didn't use them now, so I did a variation of the popular "Jelly Roll Race" quilts - I sewed the fabric strips into one VERY long strip, then put the right and left ends on top of each other, and sewed them into a long strip (half as long as the first one); repeat sewing the ever-shorter strips to each other, until finally, I had a roughly twin-sized quilt top!
I've also spent a LOT of time cutting up my stash leftovers too - if it's much smaller than a fat quarter, I've started cutting the fabric into either 2.5" x 4.5" rectangles or 2.5" squares.  I've got a lot of patterns that use either or both of those sizes, and having them cut and ready to go has helped immensely.

These blocks use both of those sizes - and will make Bonnie Hunter's "Carolina Chain" quilt (it's available for free on her Quiltville website).  I've got quite the stack of these blocks sewn up.

This is another set of blocks using just the rectangles.  I have no idea what the block or quilt is called, but I've seen it around.  The blocks are made of 4 rectangles of 2 different fabrics - it ends up being a square block, so you can change the orientation of the blocks individually or row by row.  I'm going to sew them together as shown - and I have a stack of these blocks, so it shouldn't take long to finish another quilt.
I've also cut the fabrics for another quilt for a teen boy at the local Children's Hospital PCCU - I hope to get sewing it together soon.  So, I haven't been sitting idly by - and I'm making a resolution to share in-progress pics more often!
Thanks for sticking with me!
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