Thursday, August 3, 2017

Knitting and cards...

It's been far too long since my last post, and I apologize for that.  Part of the reason is that my sewing machine up and died, and I've been too busy to even look at replacement machines.  I have a VERY part-time job, mostly just June - August, and that's kept me busy; as well, our garden has me hopping - between planting, pulling weeds and harvesting / processing, I haven't had much spare time.  Thankfully, I've been able to keep up my outings with my father, and also be there for my mother-in-love, and for my kids and grandsons!
Mind you, I haven't had time to sit around with my hands in my lap!  My mom never sat down without a knitting or crochet project in her hands, and I've picked up that habit.  I love the Toronto Blue Jays (major league baseball team), and try to catch their games on TV, but I have a mindless knitting project on the needles so that I can keep up with the game, and accomplish something useful at the same time!
This is my latest "baby" sweater - you may recall that I was almost to the point of joining the sleeves to the body of the sweater in my last post.  I'm happy to say that the sweater is finished and gifted!

The pattern is Tenderheart by TinCan Knits.  I LOVE this pattern!  I currently have 2 more in progress - one for a little girl, and one for a baby boy.  I'll share pics of my progress soon.
I've also stolen a few minutes to make a few cards...  A dear friend had surgery recently, and was sure she had experienced a set-back;  I know that a card won't solve her problems, but it hopefully helps to know that someone is thinking about you and praying for you!  I made 3 different "encouragement" 
cards and sent the light pink one off to her.  I'm very happy to report that she saw her doctor yesterday, and, after a scan, she was sent home with the good news that everything is on-track, and going exactly as it's supposed to be!
(I found out late last night that another friend fell and broke her hand - no sewing or quilting for her for at least 6 weeks - so the white card will be heading her way later today).
And now it's time to head back out to the garden - there are beans and cucumbers to pick!