Thursday, September 22, 2011

...and she's done!

I finally got my newest Margo handbag done! I was hoping to get her finished for the Sept. 2011 FNSI, but I got a little side-tracked...
She's finished now, and is packed up and ready to go to DH's nephew's wedding this weekend. She just "happens" to go perfectly with my dress!
Enjoy the pics, both of the front, and the inside. I love all of the inner pockets! and the ones on the front are great too!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sept. 2011 FNSI

Well, that was a big disappointment... I had grand plans to sew myself another Margo Handbag from Lazy Girls Designs for this Friday Night Sew-In. I was doing well at the start; so well in fact, that I decided to make 2 purses. It made a lot of sense - if I was going to be going through all the steps, I might as well do it for 2 purses - but hey, wouldn't it work even better for 3? I can tell you now, NO! it doesn't make any sense at all... I sewed the wrong parts together, or I got the steps in the wrong order, and ended up having to unpick seams. The upshot of it is: I have parts of 3 different bags all partly done, and nothing to take to church tomorrow!
I have a few pics - one of some of my fabrics, and one of the process - and any further progress will show up here sometime soon I hope! The fabrics are all from Robert Kaufmann's Fusions lines - the 2nd pic gives a better look at the colours.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Something fun....

I haven't posted any cards lately, probably because I haven't made any lately! Life has just been WAY too crazy around here... and this Friday is FNSI, so I need a non-sewing post urgently!
I thought that I had posted this card already, but I can't find it in any recent posts, so it's fair game!
I found this stamp set at Len's Mill Store, for the exhorbitant price of $3.99... I have lots of stamp sets for cards for adults, a fair number for cards for little kids, but not many stamps for the 6-25 year-old crowd - until I found this one, of course! I see that I forgot to tag it it with a sentiment, but I guess that makes it more flexible!