Wednesday, March 21, 2018

National quilting day - slightly late

I had this post half-written on Saturday evening, and then my computer crashed...  It has had a lovely vacation at the computer repair shop, and is finally home again, working properly!
So, back to business - National Quilting Day!  I had a good day to sew / quilt.  We're in the middle of a major bathroom renovation, and everything is all over the house, and it's all covered in a fine layer of drywall (wallboard) dust, so there was no point in doing any housecleaning, right?  Just the laundry - and stitching!
Our neighbours are expecting their first baby any day now, and I need a gift for them.  I came across a small quilt top that I made last year(?), and it looked like the perfect gift.  I also found a bright flannel print, and got it quilted up pretty quickly!

 It still needs to be bound, but I need to find a fabric or two to "match" the fabrics.  
 It was still a few hours until bedtime, so I pulled out a UFO from a class that I took with my daughter.  The pattern was called "Crooked Furrows", and was fairly quick and easy.  I even had a border on it - it just needed to be quilted and bound, but I wasn't sure what to do with it when I had it finished.  I measured it, and discovered that without the border, it was the perfect size for a donation quilt for a local hospital's Pediatric Cristical Care Unit, so I "unstitched" it.  I layered it and managed to get about half of it quilted - and realized that I really didn't care for what I'd done so far, so the seam ripper made an appearance once again...  Once the stitching was removed, I started again - this time straight-line stitching a 1/4" from the vertical seams (both sides).  I really liked this!
I didn't get it completely done on Saturday, but picked it up again on Monday - and not only got the quilting done, but got it bound too!   It's ready to deliver!