Saturday, January 29, 2011

Birthday cards

I love it when special people have birthdays - that means that I get to make special birthday cards!
Here are 2 that I've made in the past 2 weeks - one is for a very special friend, and the other is for my (baby) sister. It's obvious that I really like using embossing folders, and I also seem to be on a pink "kick" - I think I've used some pink on every card that I've made in the past 2 weeks! Here they are: birthday card

Sunday, January 16, 2011

A bit of this, a bit of that....

I'm trying to be a better "poster" of updates - and I'm realizing that my original intention to blog quilt-making posts alternating with card-making posts may not work too well every time. I usually make multiples of card designs that I really like, so when I need a card, I can just grab one from my box. You've probably already seen 4 or 5 like it, so what's the point of putting up another one? So.... you might be stuck with quilt-type posts for the next entry or two (or 3...).
So, what's up, you ask? Well, there's the new "Layer Cake
Quilt-along" button on my sidebar. I'd noticed it on the blog of another quilter, and it sounded really fun! You buy a "layer cake" (a collection of fabrics from a quilt fabric line - usually about 30-40 fabrics - cut 10" square) - then, every 2 weeks, you go to the website to check out the newest pattern that's been posted. You decide which of the fabrics you're going to use, and you make the block and post a picture of the block to the quilt-along site. If you post within a certain time, you become eligible to win prizes. This is the first block of the 5 I've completed so far.
I've also started a quilt that really grabbed my attention the first time I saw the pattern. It's called "Costa Maya", and it looks a lot more complicated than it really is (or at least I hope it is!) Hopefully, this will link you to a picture of the pattern: - I've had the fabric in my stash for a bit, so I haven't broken my resolution to not buy more fabric until I finish up a few projects. Here are the 2 blocks that the pattern will build on:
There is another border to go on, and then the magic of the block begins! I'll be posting a few more pictures of the quilt-in-progress - you'll have to keep checking this space!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Another project from the to-do list finished!

A long time ago, I finished a few quilt tops, and actually got them pinned with their batting and backing, and then had to put them aside while I worked on bridesmaid's dresses.
Now that all the frantic busyness that always seems to accompany Christmas celebrations is done, and everyone is back home again, I finally had some time this week to work on "old" projects. What better time to pull out these ready-to-quilt projects? I seem to remember the earth toned quilt being relatively large, and the more pastel-coloured one more of a child's quilt, but they both ended up about the same size - perfect for a throw on the couch, or a kid's quilt. The earth-toned quilt pattern is called Woven Ribbons, and the pastel-toned one is a disappearing 9-patch:

Monday, January 3, 2011

A slightly late Christmas gift!

I've been making cards for about 6 or 7 years now - and when I look back at my first efforts, I feel like hanging my head in shame... some of them are a little on the pathetic side! Hopefully, I've improved a lot!
I've given cards to all kinds of people, sometimes for the oddest reasons - but hey, if I make the card myself, it doesn't cost anything, right???? I must be doing something right, because my MIL called me a few months ago, wondering if I had any birthday cards that she could buy from me. I quickly made 2 or 3 to add to
the few I had in my box, and showed her the different options
available then. She bought all of them!
I have no idea if she has any of them left, but I decided to make her an assortment of birthday cards so she'd have some to send or give, AND, they'd be her Christmas present this year. (Do you know how hard it is to buy something for a senior that she hasn't already JUST bought?)
I finally managed to clear a spot on my craft table on Sat., and within an hour and a half, I had 10 cards made! Some of them are made using my quick go-to card designs that I've already posted here, so I won't show them, but here are 5 of the different cards she's getting, thanks to ideas from a few online card-making friends! I've used a lot of different techniques - embossed designs with my Cuttlebug, unique shapes cut out using some of my new (Christmas gift!) Spellbinder dies, watercolouring, and designer papers. The pink card used a new embossing folder with large daisy-type flowers and swirls - I used a pink marker to colour in some of the daisies - and I like the look!
Now the challenge is to get all my supplies back in their drawers.......
AND, Happy New Year to all my readers!