Thursday, October 31, 2013

October's Finish

Well, October has come to an end - and I'm not sure if I'm more thankful that it's over, or frightened... because Christmas is getting closer every day, and I'm VERY aware of everything that I have left to do before then!
But, for now, I'll stick to October and my Lovely Year of Finishes project -the quilt that will be my nephew's wedding gift.  The wedding is on Nov. 9th, and the plan was to have the quilt completely finished before we leave for the wedding (no stitching in the car will be allowed!).  The quilt is somewhere between a queen and king size - and I've never quilted one this large, but the quilting is very simple and graphic - which suits the quilt design very well.
So, here's the proof:
 The border and binding are one of the prints in the quilt, one of the "tamer" prints, and it's green, which is one of the favourite colours of the bride's, so it should be a win-win situation!
Thanks for checking in!  Pop back in a few days to check out November's project....

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

An update....

So, I'm sure that you're all wondering how my wedding gift quilt is coming along, right?  Thanks for asking!  It's actually going quite well!  I made all 182 blocks; then I had to make up some kind of a layout for the blocks - and that went reasonably well (just don't ask how my knees tolerated kneeling on the floor for an hour or so.....).  Then I started joining blocks into rows.  The trick is to press all the odd rows in one direction, and the even rows in the opposite direction - they fit together SO much better that way!
Now I have the first 5 rows sewn together, and the rest sorted into odd and even rows.  Do you want to see what I've finished?  I thought you might!  Here we go with rows 1-5:
There are 14 blocks in every row, and I don't have a space large enough to accommodate the whole strip, so you get to see about 50% of the rows.  I'll do a better job when I post the whole quilt, okay? Thanks!

Of course, I'm still reading other people's blogs and I'm getting excited about all the other projects that people are working on.  I usually jump on the bandwagon of the latest designs - I buy the patterns, and sometimes even all the fabric for it, and then I have to put it aside, because the project(s) that I'm working on are usually more important.  That means that I get around to making the latest designs - it's just 6, or 8, or 12 months after everyone else has done them, and who wants to see them then?  So, when everyone in blog-land started doing the Jelly Roll Jam quilts from the Fat Quarter Shop, I decided that I needed to make it too - now!  I had a Good Morning jelly roll tucked away for a rainy day, so I grabbed it and followed the directions (they're super easy!), and I ended up with not 1, but 2 cute baby quilts!  There are no babies anywhere on the horizon in my part of the world, but our local Christian school is having their annual Goods and Services Auction in a few weeks, so I've decided 
to donate one (or maybe both) of the quilts.  I found a great piece of bright flannel in my stash - that will be the backing - so, I just need about 5 more hours to call these cuties DONE!  And, because I'm such a sweetie, I'm going to show them to you now, instead of making you wait until they're both done!   The first one is a little more masculine, and the second one is more "girly".  I'll share the pics of the completed quilts before the auction.  And now, I'm heading back to my wedding quilt!

Monday, October 7, 2013

October's challenge

Look at this - two posts in two days!  I'm cutting it really close with this post, and the same may be true for this project.  My oldest nephew on my side of the family is getting married in November, and I promised to make a quilt.  I've had the fabrics for a while - thankfully, the quilt top is made up of charm packs and a jelly roll - but time is disappearing quickly, and I have to get this project done ASAP!
I loved the look of the Boho fabrics - young and modern, not too girly or too masculine, so it seemed like the perfect line to use.  Both the bride and groom are kind of "artsy", so I thought these fabrics would appeal to both of them.  Unfortunately, the prints aren't really square to the grain of the fabric, and some of the charm squares look quite tilted.  But, I'm going to do my best to disguise the wonkiness - which could be interesting with the square look of the pattern.  I'm using Jenny Doan's (Missouri Quilt Co.) "Falling Charms" tutorial.  I've got all of the charms sewn to the jelly roll strips; some of them have the second strip sewn on too, and I'm starting to assemble rows.  Hopefully, this quilt will come together quickly!
Now, I'm sure that you want to see what I'm talking about, so here's a picture:
The picture is actually sideways, and I'm not sure how to rotate it.  There are 2 short rows of 4 squares each;  there are also single squares at the end of each row to show the progression, and there's also a single, random block.  I'm hoping to share my progress as I go along.....

Sunday, October 6, 2013

What I've been doing when I should have been blogging......

I know, I know - you check in here every day, expecting magnificent pieces of quilted gorgeousness - and there's nothing new...  I'm sorry.  I've been really busy - I just don't have anything to show for it.  Dad's been quite sick, and my 2 sisters and I have been spending a lot of time looking after him; I've also been gallivanting around the countryside, judging baking and canning at a few of the local fairs.  We also have a wedding in the family next month, so there's a wedding quilt in the works, but there's just not much to show for it yet.
Remember that I mentioned local fairs?  I did have a great time creating something for one of the fairs!  My mom was great at saving the "offcuts" of fabrics, left over after making her dresses, or her grandkid's pjs, or sheets for the crisis pregnancy center.  She'd been saving fabric for a LONG time - so, when I read that one of the categories for one of those local fairs required creating a project using 60's polyester fabrics, I just went to mom's overflowing fabric scrap storage.  I found a bag FULL of scraps, and bits of yardage - and I dreamed up this little project:  
  It's a throw rug, knitted with 1" strips of polyester fabric, AKA crimpolene!  There are enough strips left over to make at least 2 more (I told you that she saved her fabric scraps!  It got me a 1st place ribbon though, so it was definitely worth the endless hours I put into it!)
I also made a few cards - this one for a friend at church....
  And finally, my oldest nephew is getting married in a month, and there was a bridal shower this afternoon.  The bride-to-be loves owls, so I had to make these potholders for her.  She loved them! 
  I will put up my October "Lovely Year of Finishes" project post sometime tomorrow.  Two posts in two days - yahoo!