Friday, September 6, 2019

Remember me?

It's been FAR too long, hasn't it?  Partly because I post to Instagram more often when I have something to share - it's so much faster!  Also, we're still going through the longest renovation known to man - or, at least it feels like it!  We started in March, and, after a few weeks of intense tearing out of walls and ceilings, etc. we've come to an almost complete stop.  We are at the mercy of the gas company, and can't move forward until we have a functioning furnace (and we've had a few cool nights this week!  Let's get going folks!)
The side effect of this is - I have no sewing room.  I realize that not everyone has a designated space for sewing, storing fabric, etc. but, until 6 months ago, I had a 10' x 12' room, a large storage closet, and a design wall.  Now, I have a corner of the dining room table, and storage in our unheated enclosed porch.  Not exactly conducive to working on larger projects....  And yet, I'm blessed by having what I have, so don't feel too sorry for me!
Anyway, I have managed to make 2 wedding gift quilts - and I've been doing some small scrappy projects.  A bit of knitting has happened too...
So, here's what I've made - wedding quilt #1 - this couple got married in May, but I just finished the quilt in the wee hours of this morning.  It's an easy make from a pattern online by Christa Watson.

This one was given to a young couple from church at their wedding a few weeks ago - the pattern is called "Lovebirds" and was designed by Leanne Parsons (Devoted Quilter).
And, unfortunately, a member of our congregation lost her mom, and needed a prayer shawl.

The summer has also been busy with the garden, my two fantastic grandsons, a bit of medical drama, and watching the life cycle of the monarch butterflies as they flit around our milkweed plants!   Life has been (mostly) good!
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