Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My table runner

I've been wanting a table runner for a while now. I have an oak dining-room table, but it needs to be refinished, so it's generally covered up. I have a Dutch woolen tablecloth, but sometimes I just want something a little less "heavy" on the table. I've made a few runners, but they always were for someone else. I finally sat down last week, found a pattern that I liked, and made this one! It was designed to have "points" at both ends, but I ran out of one of the fabrics I needed, and I decided that square ends would be just fine. I love the saying "Better done than perfect" - it's one I can live with!


  1. Really nice, Jannette! Do you sell them to other people?
    I love a runner on the table, it's much easier to keep clean and it still covers up quite a bit and after 21 years, and you know farm years count double, I have a lot to cover up.
    Happy thanksgiving, see you soon, Anja

  2. Love your table runner Jannette!! Nice pattern. I made one a few years ago. It was supposed to be a gift but I just couldn't give it away. I should post it...it's very fall and thanksgiving-ish with pumpkins on it. You are a busy lady with all your projects on the go!! Thanks for sharing.... joyce.

  3. Uh-oh...I've always wanted a runner and have fabric just waiting for something like that to happen to it.

    I love your quote...must use that for QOTD!!!