Tuesday, November 3, 2009

new swap blocks

I was going to say that I couldn't believe that it had been almost a month since I last posted anything, but then again, I do seem to recall that October was extemely busy, so.....
Thankfully, I finally was able to do two of my favourite things lately - shop for fabric, and create with fabric. I belong to a quilting group on the web, and we currently have two different swaps going. One is a straight-up swap with a partner (you consult with your partner to find out the size she wants, and any theme or colour preferences) and the other is a block lotto - one person chooses a particular pattern, decides on the colour scheme, and then, at the end of the month, she draws the name of one of the block-makers, and that person receives all of the blocks that were made that month.
The blocks here are my block for the lotto, which was a Christmas Star block, and the second one is for my partner, who is making a Christmas quilt, and wanted a Christmas-sy block. I don't have any block designing software, so I go to a site that offers over 1,000 block ideas! I chose one that wasn't specifically a Christmas block, but done up in red, white and green makes it look like Christmas.


  1. Wow..how do you choose from 1,000 blocks!? I like the onces you chose, nice patterns and colours. What a great way to get involved with other quilters. I hope you win the block lotto! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hello Jannette,

    I hope you win! How long does it take to make one block? It must be very time consuming, so beautiful!
    Hope you are doing okay, take care, Anja