Saturday, May 28, 2011

Netherlands quilt show

There's a small town near here that hosts an international quilt show every year and this year's country was the Netherlands. Seeing as both my parents were born there, I had a really good reason to go!
I went with my mom and a friend, and we all enjoyed the show immensely! Of course, like all good quilt shows, this one also had vendors.... mostly Canadian, but 2 from Holland as well. Now I can buy from Canadian shops any day of the week, but Holland is a little tougher - I can go to any shop here and see/feel the fabric quality; obviously, that's a bit trickier "across the pond". The fabrics were really nice, and quite a few were homespun types.
Well, you can guess the rest - I came home with fabric and ribbon too (I keep telling myself it's for my card-making, but I'm not sure I want to use it!). And, seeing as I love and collect all sorts of sheep-related items, I had to buy the fabric pack with the sheep fabric in it - and it's the very traditional Dutch blue colour.
I can hear you - you want pictures! Have a look:
The blue and white fabric on the far right is the sheep fabric.


  1. I went on Tuesday with my mom and some ladies from Trillium. The quilts were all so beautiful!! Now what will you do with all those lovely fabrics you purchased!? It's fun just to look at them and touch them for a while at first!
    ~ Joyce

  2. I lived in The Netherlands for a year when I worked with Billy Graham and loved it! Fabulous little country with amazing chocolate, great food, cheap and beautiful flowers!! and a very healthy, active lifestyle. Wonderful memories :) Glad you got a few from there!