Monday, July 4, 2011

I've got to stop doing this!

I currently have at least 4 or 5 quilt projects on the go (and I know that you're waiting for the pics of the completed eyelet quilt), but I couldn't help myself.... DD#1 has very good friends that are expecting their first baby. Obviously, every first-born baby needs a quilt...and, seeing as DD#1 doesn't quilt (she doesn't even have time to sew on buttons most days), the project was mine.
The nursery is going to be done in greens, browns and oranges, which is PERFECT, because I had just the right quilt pattern and fabric. So, I ordered the fabric, and Canada Post ended up in a labour dispute - soooo, no fabric arriving....
BUT, the post office employees are back at work, my jelly roll showed up, and I had a holiday weekend in which to assemble a baby quilt.
I love the Split Decision quilt pattern - it goes together quickly, and looks great!
I hope you agree! It's ready to layer, quilt and bind, so you know what I'll be doing for the next few days.
As well, I've got my eyelet quilt sashed, and I'm ready to put on the border. I'm not sure how to go about quilting it yet - it's really bulky where the pinwheel points come together. I'm thinking, I'm thinking....


  1. What a beautiful the bright colours and pattern!! Don't stop what your doing just wouldn't be like you not to have 10 things on the go at once!!! Bt the way, have you got that garage door painted yet?!lol!

  2. I LOVE IT Jannette!! This was made with how many jelly rolls? I've always wanted to do a jellyroll quilt..and this pattern is perfect!!! I'd love the information on it.

    Hope you are doing well...I've been so busy and not able to get to the forum as I'd like...miss ya!

    God bless...and keep up the talented beauties!

  3. Oh I love the fabric!!! What a lucky baby!

  4. I love that pattern! Way cute quilt. =D