Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sept. 2011 FNSI

Well, that was a big disappointment... I had grand plans to sew myself another Margo Handbag from Lazy Girls Designs for this Friday Night Sew-In. I was doing well at the start; so well in fact, that I decided to make 2 purses. It made a lot of sense - if I was going to be going through all the steps, I might as well do it for 2 purses - but hey, wouldn't it work even better for 3? I can tell you now, NO! it doesn't make any sense at all... I sewed the wrong parts together, or I got the steps in the wrong order, and ended up having to unpick seams. The upshot of it is: I have parts of 3 different bags all partly done, and nothing to take to church tomorrow!
I have a few pics - one of some of my fabrics, and one of the process - and any further progress will show up here sometime soon I hope! The fabrics are all from Robert Kaufmann's Fusions lines - the 2nd pic gives a better look at the colours.


  1. I love you talk fabric the way I talk paper!
    And yes...I would follow the logic that 3 of the same are the same amount of work as making just one....and...that it sometimes derails.
    Maybe next FNSI :)

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