Friday, July 20, 2012

Another start!

Yes, I do have finishes too - it's just that there seem to be so many more starts.... and I sometimes forget to post the completed quilt. I'll try to change that. A while back, as I was reading the blog of another quilter*, I realized that some of the things she was chatting about sounded VERY familiar. I contacted her, and sure enough - Cathy lives in the city nearest me, and we have a LOT in common! Trying to make a long story short, we agreed to meet one day; we did, and hit it off almost immediately. Four hours passed VERY quickly; at the end of the afternoon, Cathy proposed we get together for a sewing day - so, this past Tuesday, I ventured into the city, and spent a very enjoyable few hours sewing with her! I thought that it would probably be easier to take a new quilting project with me; so, I gathered up my my new Schnibbles pattern; the 2 Vintage Modern layer cakes called for in the pattern; I cut them, and my B/G fabric as directed, and headed off. I managed to get most of the 9-patch blocks put together, pressed, and ready to add the triangles. Needless to say, Cathy and I spent a fair bit of time chatting too, but we each managed to achieve a fair bit of our projects.
Yesterday, I started adding the top and bottom triangles, and am now working on adding the side triangles. A bit of a trim will be needed, and then the fun of laying these big blocks out will begin!
Check back here soon - I just might have some surprises to show you! *I'd include the link to Cathy's blog, but I still can't figure out how to do it. Where are my kids when I need them? LOL


  1. I really like these blocks. Very pretty

  2. Those blocks are looking FABULOUS!! I might just have to put one of those onto my want-to-do list.

  3. Love the fabric!! And so neat to find a new 'sister'!

  4. Great project!!

    Posting a link...

    Do you know how to copy a URL? Do that. Copy the URL to your friend's blog. In your blog post, write down the name of your friend's blog. Highlight it. Put your curser in front of the name, left click, hold and greg to hight light the name. Go to the top of your box where you are writing your post. See the word link?? Click that. A new window will open. Paste the URL in the box that says to type in the URL where you want the words to link to. Save and close. You now have created a link to your friend's blog.

    Clear as mud???