Thursday, March 31, 2016

March recap

I thought that I'd learned my lesson about putting things off - I always seem to get caught on the last day of the month with something unfinished!
But, I've had lots of finishes for the month too - my Quilty 365 blocks and 2 of my five Pieced Tulip blocks for the Rainbow Scrappy Challenge.  I'll post the other 3 when I have a bit more time to get them completed.
The colour for March was purple, and I have 5 very different shades of purple for my tulips - but I only managed to finish the 2nd darkest one and the lightest one - have a look:
The black centers stand out really well in some of the blocks, but there's not a lot of contrast in some of the other ones.  That shouldn't be a problem for April - the colour is orange, so those blocks should really pop!
Next up is the last 11 Quilty 365 blocks.  This last week has seen 3 family birthdays to celebrate - a sister, a brother, and my dad.  The block in the bottom row with the dress shoes is for him; one of the black and white ones is for Good Friday - a dark day in many ways, yet with a hint of the brightness and joy to come!

And here are all of my March Quilty 365 blocks together:
I've managed to keep this up so far - 91 blocks - but, will I make it all the way to the end in December?  You'll have to stay tuned to find out!  I'll be linking up to Quilty Folk for all the March reveals.


  1. Love that you didn't feel the need to go with circles. I am still loving my circles but think that I will probably change up to some other block come July 1.

  2. It's gonna be a great quilt!