Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Design Wall Tuesday edition

I'm actually getting closer to posting my design wall pictures on Monday!  Hooray for me!  I could have taken this picture yesterday, but I was too lazy to go upstairs to get the camera.
So, this is what my wall looks like this week:

My last design wall "quilt" is now actually getting quilted (I hope to have a picture of the completed quilt in a few days), so the wall is free to lay out my Canadian quilt blocks.
I've mentioned before that Canada will be celebrating it's 150th anniversary this year, and there are a number of special quilting initiatives to mark this special occasion.  Kat Tucker, from Next Step Quilt Designs has designed a quilt highlighting 150 influential born-in-Canada women.  Each week, she releases 3 quilt block patterns, as well as a short bio of each woman.  I got a late start on this project, but I'm finally caught up, and the blocks (so far) have found a place on my design wall.  I may have to move them in a few weeks, as other urgent projects come up, but I'll share pictures as this quilt progresses.
Today's blocks have been posted, and they're really easy this week (thanks Kat!) - and here they are:

I'm SO in love with this project!  One of my daughters has mentioned that she'd love a quilt like this too, so I may end up making a second one...
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