Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Another quiltlet...

In my last post, I mentioned that I had promised our local veterinary clinic a few small quilts to use when folks have to have a beloved pet "put down".  All they have right now is a pile of old donated bath towels to wrap the animal in - and that really bothered me (we've been there)...
So, I made up a few scrappy quilts.  I showed them to a friend, who thought that they might be too bright and cheerful.  A few days later, I was in our local Walmart, and noticed that they had some animal themed FQs - and of course, they followed me home....
I had pinned a number of scrappy quilts to my Pinterest board, so I chose one of the patterns, and before my husband could complain that supper wasn't ready, I had this top done!  It (and the other 2 tops that I made last week) still needs to be quilted, but that's the easy part.
And here's the finished top (I hope that my friend will appreciate the softer tone of the fabrics!).

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  1. I really love the idea of these quilts. This one is beautiful and I'm sure it will be perfect for someone.

  2. Hi Jannette,
    What a cute quilt. I love that fabric with the birds in the birdcage. I can honestly say I never thought to look at fabric at Walmart. Hmm. This does look cheery to me, but not TOO cheery. It is supposed to give comfort, so it can't be all black or dark. ~smile~ Roseanne