Thursday, January 6, 2011

Another project from the to-do list finished!

A long time ago, I finished a few quilt tops, and actually got them pinned with their batting and backing, and then had to put them aside while I worked on bridesmaid's dresses.
Now that all the frantic busyness that always seems to accompany Christmas celebrations is done, and everyone is back home again, I finally had some time this week to work on "old" projects. What better time to pull out these ready-to-quilt projects? I seem to remember the earth toned quilt being relatively large, and the more pastel-coloured one more of a child's quilt, but they both ended up about the same size - perfect for a throw on the couch, or a kid's quilt. The earth-toned quilt pattern is called Woven Ribbons, and the pastel-toned one is a disappearing 9-patch:


  1. A lovely family friend made my daughter THE most adorable quilt when she was born. She still uses it today when she plays with her dolls and will sometimes put it over her lap when she's watching TV. Love the bottom one. Lucky are they who get these :)

  2. Good morning Jannette. Don't know how I missed these... but they are another example of your beautiful work with all the different fabrics and patterns out there in quilting-land! I love the masculine feel of the first one with the straight lines and colour combo. The pastel colours are so pretty for a little girl to curl up in! Wow, must keep you hands busy 18 hours a day, sleep for a while and get up and start all over again. Thanks for sharing your beautiful quilts with us.