Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Block #8!

I think this has to be a record - block #8 was posted yesterday, and I had it done by the time I went to bed! I also finished a few log cabin blocks that I needed for a swap, so yesterday ended up being pretty productive!
What's that? You want pictures? Okay - here they are!

The mainly red and purple block is #8; the pink and brown is for my Log Cabin quilt, and the black and white is for my swap partner.


  1. Yeah...of course we always want pictures!! Love all the blocks...I think Log cabin will always be one of my favorites. Question: do you ever sleep? And when you do, do you dream quilting blocks?

  2. I love that blk and white...I had a whole collection of unique blk whites and gave them to my daughter..I think she is giving them back since she never did anything with them..YEAH. Now I'm inspired again..I saw one similar on a trip and caught the bug then to start the collection. always.