Saturday, October 29, 2011


Like many bloggers, I follow a number of blogs, mostly card-making and quilting ones. One of the quilters I follow had a friend offering 12 weeks of guest posts and give-aways. Who wouldn't sign up to be part of that? Some lucky folks won sewing machines, or Fat Quarter bundles, or any number of quilt-related goodies. While I didn't win any of the "big" prizes, I was a winner of a wonderful secondary prize! Grandmama Jane offered the winner from her post a collection of "Klosjes" (which is Dutch for "spools")! All of the blocks are hand-sewn(!), and she sent me an assortment of blocks, some joined together already, some singles waiting to be joined up, and then a LOT of bits of fabric with sections drawn onto them, ready for me to cut out and sew together!
It's kind of a crazy-busy time for me right now, so I haven't had a chance to do anything with them yet, but I'm counting down the days till things settle down a bit. The best part is that all of the fabrics are either red, white or black (or combos of those colours) - and I LOVE that combination! Here's a pic of the sections Grandmama Jane had sewn together, plus some of the separate blocks:
She also included some fantastic Christmas fabrics, but they've been put aside for a special project, and can't be revealed just yet...
Thanks again Grandmama Jane!

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  1. Love those spools--what a great prize. I love the red and black together. How fun!!