Thursday, February 23, 2012

Not exactly what I was trying to do....

Okay, it's late Saturday evening, and I realize that I need a birthday card for a friend at church in the morning. Check the cards that I've already made - nothing there that's "right". So, quickly check a few blogs for inspiration, and I find a card! Grab some watercolour paper, some inks, a paintbrush and a bit of water. Stamp the large trees stamp from Lovely as a Tree on the watercolour paper. Smoosh the cover of the SU inkpads so they'll deposit ink onto the cover. Open the pad, wet the brush, dip the brush into the ink on the cover, and paint in the sky. So far, so good... well, mostly good (I wanted to sponge clouds, but I couldn't find my stencil). Give the "paint" a chance to dry. Clean the brush; wet it again, and repeat the smooshing technique with green ink. Start to "paint" the trees - and then it happens - the water-based ink that I used to stamp the image is starting to smudge - rats! Wait, it's not as bad as I thought - it actually looks a bit like an impressionist painting! Now, I'm not an artist by any stretch of the imagination, but I think this will pass. I painted in some grass too; glued on some ribbon, put the panel on the card, add a few rhinestones, and it's done!


  1. And I'm sure the recipient would be thrilled to receive a hand made card, especially one so pretty, and made just for her.

  2. I.Love.That.

    I love the accidental nature of it...the amazing design that it became...and that I want to try it when I get my stamp back from a friend.

  3. That looks amazing! It does indeed look like a painting!