Saturday, September 22, 2012

It's official! Friday Night Sew-In results too!

It's official - fall is here! I'm not a huge fan of the cold, rainy weather that seems to characterize fall, but a day like today is just fine with me! It's also Fall Fair season - otherwise known as "finishing up six projects in time to enter them in the fair" season. Well, I managed to finish a few of those things - and the project that didn't get done became my project for last night's Friday Night Sew-In. I'm not a big fan of decorating my house for every season, but I do like some seasonal items - and Christmas is one of the times when I do spend a bit of time decorating. The fact that I can create items that can be entered into the "fall fair" and possibly win prize money for, just sweetens the pot - and that's the story of my Christmas table runner. I managed to start it last year, but it didn't get even close to being completed, so I stuck it in a box and forgot about it. I found it back 3 days ago while I was looking for the quilt top I wanted to enter in the fair. I caught a glimpse of the red fabrics, and I remembered starting it - but the question then became "Is it close enough to being finished so I can enter it on Friday?" (this was on Wednesday...) No way! Sigh.... But, there's one more fair next week - I can try for that! So, the quilting is finally done, the binding is attached, and I even managed to get about half of the binding sewn down - and I have a few days left before Friday's entry date!
I still have an hour or so to work on it - that should be enough to finish it up. I need to cook supper first though - and later I'll check in to see what others have done.


  1. Wow, great job! You were very productive on Friday Night!
    Good luck at the Fair :)

  2. Gorgeous table runner, goo luck in the fairs! :) Great FNSI. xo

  3. It's lovely! Great FNSI project. I love when project can pull double duty for contests on knitalongs AND get your closer to your goals. :)

  4. Love your table runner!