Monday, January 7, 2013

...and it's (almost) done!

So, it took a little longer to make my New Year's Day mystery quilt than just one day, but I finally have the top done!  It was actually done on Sat. night, but it wasn't until I took a picture of it this morning, that I realized that I'd sewn the bottom 4 panels on upside-down...  Sew, I got out my trusty stitch ripper, removed the incorrect panels, reattached them correctly, and voila! 

Now to get it layered and quilted - and then add the great striped fabric that I bought for the binding - and then...?  It's rather large, and I didn't really have a recipient in mind.  I'm seriously considering making this again, but I'll make the strips a little shorter (they were all cut at 20"), so the quilt will be a more usable size for donation.
Suggestions for recipients will be gratefully accepted!

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