Thursday, March 7, 2013

Another Mystery Quilt...

I'm still committed to finishing a few quilting projects this year - I'm just not doing so terribly well yet.  I totally missed the deadline for posting my January challenge; I posted my Feb. challenge pic, and even posted my mid-way progress pics here on my blog (as directed)...  Unfortunately, I totally mixed up 2 VERY similar blocks, and ended up sewing 12 blocks with the wrong center blocks.  Needless to say, I didn't get my Feb. project finished!  Now it's March - and I'm once again very optimistic that I'll get a project done, and it should be fairly easy - it's a repeat of the mystery quilt that I worked so hard on for last month.  At least, this time I won't make the same block mistake!  I am planning to finish February's project too - I've taken all of the wrong squares out of the blocks, and some of them are already re-sewn.
So, here's a pic of the March blocks in progress:

And, I promise to post some card pics soon!  I haven't made very many in the past 2 months (I'm so thankful for my stash of already-made cards!) - but, I have lots of inspiration pics, and it shouldn't take me long to pull a few together!

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