Sunday, March 31, 2013

Cutting it close!

I finally have managed to complete my March challenge for the "Lovely Year of Finishes"!  I had started a second quilt from the last MysteryQuilts4Military - code named Glint.  I planned to finish my red, white and green version of it for the Feb. finish, but mis-sewed a number of the blocks, and just ran out of time.  I hoped to finish it this month, but I found that working on my second Glint quilt was enough of a challenge.  I finally got the top finished last night, too late to take a pic (my husband assists me with the pics, and he was much too tired to stand up, leave alone hold up a quilt for photography!)
Sew, here's the teal and cream version of Glint:
In the written pattern, the suggestion was for a border made up of HSTs - and I planned to finish it that way, with a few strips of the 3 different fabrics used for the quilt.  Unfortunately I cut all of the strips at 2 1/2", and then cut the squares for the HSTs at 2 1/2" as well - and there's no way that they'll sew up to 2  1/2" squares.....and I had no cream fabric left to cut up.  SO, the border is just fabric strips, in various lengths for some interest.  It's nice to have this top done finally!  I'm starting to amass quite the pile of tops too - so, one of these months, I'll dedicate my month to quilting and binding a few quilts - but not April - I have 2 new quilts started, and one of them will be my April project - you'll have to check here to see which one I choose!

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  1. I'm curious how many you would consider a pile?!! I have 3 tops and I call that a pile :)
    You're so productive! :)
    You go girl!