Saturday, July 6, 2013

July's "A Lovely Year of Finishes" project and a challenge!

Okay, so I'm later posting this than I thought I'd be, but better late than never, right?
For July's project, I'm doing a quilt that will be donated to a resident / family that's been affected by the flooding in Calgary, Alberta.  My cousin David and his family were among the ones that lost everything, and while I know that a quilt won't "fix" anything, I'm hoping that a quilt might help them to know that people all over Canada care about their circumstances.  I found a really great looking quilt pattern from designer Kim Diehl called "Buttercream Twist" ( and pulled some fabrics from my stash to make it.  It's going to be good and scrappy, and I'm sure that there's bound to be a scrappy-quilt lover somewhere in Calgary!  These are two of the fabrics - the rust one is the starting strip, and the gold shows the finished block.
This month I'll be doing the entire quilt - including the quilting and binding, so that it will be ready to give out to someone in need.  I'm hoping to finish quilting at least one more as well.  I also saw a comment on a friend's blog that the My Sewing Room quilt shop is also accepting tops, batting, backing, etc., so I'll send them a few tops too.
In June, I signed up to do a challenge quilt through the Quilt Shoppe in Sarnia - it will be donated to a breast cancer group.  We were all given a fat quarter, and could buy another fabric (on sale!) from a few selected by the shop - and after that, it's up to each quilter what to do with it.  It's supposed to be a lap quilt size, and the completed quilt needs to be handed in by Aug. 15th for judging.  All that I can do right now is show you my two starting fabrics.  
The bottom fabric is the fat quarter that everyone received, and the top one is the fabric I bought.  I have a design in mind, but I really need to get started!  But first, I've got to make some raspberry jam - all the rain that we've had recently has really brought on our berries!

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