Sunday, June 15, 2014

Lots of yellow-y goodness for a Saturday!

(I know that it's Sunday!  It was too late to post this last night).
I actually got to spend about 15 minutes in my sewing room last night.  Our kids surprised DH and I with a mostly un-announced visit - DD#1 called to say she was coming home for a few days (Thurs. to Sat.); she also casually mentioned that DD#2 might be showing up after work on Fri. evening...  Well, DD#2 arrived with her hubby - and our son showed up too!  He actually had to learn to drive a car with a standard transmission on Thurs. evening so he could come home.  Hubby and I both had birthdays the first week of June, and our wedding anniversary this past week, and the kids wanted to celebrate all of those events with us.
So, what did I do with my 15 minutes of sewing?  I had pre-cut all the yellow fabrics I'd need for this month's yellow Rainbow Scrappy Challenge, so it didn't take long to add to my scrappy technicolor braid, and to put my Japanese + and x blocks together.
I also did a bit of fabric shopping this week, and found some orange FQs, just in case the colour orange should pop up some time this year - *hint, hint* Angela!  It can be a difficult fabric colour to find, so I figured I'd better grab it while I could!
So, check out my scrappy yellow blocks, and check Angela's site for other yellow scrappy goodness!


  1. I promise that orange will show up before the end of the year. Great yellows though! Glad you found time to sew, but the family visitors surely to take priority. Happy birthday AND anniversary. Such a festive month!

  2. Love your scraps and blocks. Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary : )