Saturday, June 7, 2014

I'm cutting it close!

You'd think that with all the half-done projects I have, it would be easy to pick one for my June "A Lovely Year of Finishes" project... so why has it taken me this long to decide on one?  I finished quilting my May choice, and then right away quilted a baby quilt (I've almost finished sewing down the binding), but, even though I've got 3 more quilts that are layered and ready to quilt, I really don't feel like quilting another one right now.
So....... I decided that I'm going to start a project that's been cut for about 8 months - it seems like every time I was ready to start piecing it, something would come up, and I'd have to put it aside; and then another project would get put on top of it, and I'd forget about it....  But not any more!  June's ALYoF project is going to be my Black & White & Lime Swoon quilt!  I think I'll be doing well to finish the top, so don't look for a complete quilt - but, if it happens, that will be a happy bonus!
Here's a pic of some of my fabrics - the B&Ws change from block to block, but the green will be constant:
I'm off to post this on Melissa's site.


  1. That will be a striking quilt!!! Love the swoon block so much!!!

  2. That will be gorgeous!! I'm working on blacks and whites too! SO much fun

  3. I have seen a lot of pretty Swoon quilts, but I think the fabrics you've chosen are stunning! Can't wait to see it come together.