Sunday, August 31, 2014

August updates

Hold on to your hats folks - this is going to be a long one!  I have 3 different updates to catch up on, and they all need to be done by midnight tonight, so here goes!
First off, my knitting - last week I had almost 1 slipper sock knit, and I was very confident that I'd have the second one done by this past Friday - and I almost made it!  The slipper sock is done; it just took a little longer to finish.  If you look at the post from Aug. 22nd, you'll see that the top 3 bands didn't really slouch the way they should have, so I decided to tack them down enough to make them stand out.  Now that the knitting is done, I've tacked the bands down, and they look SO much more like the pattern picture - have a look - what do you think?
I've tried them on, and they feel nice and warm - so I'll set them aside until the colder weather sets in - like in January maybe....
Then, on Aug. 6th, I posted my ALYoF goal for August - to complete the top for my herringbone quilt.  I used 2 Vintage Modern charm packs and some Snow Kona cotton yardage to make the 2-block set needed for each "blade" of the herringbone.  When that was completed, I crawled around on the floor, trying to get a pleasing mix of colours and patterns, and finally accomplished that.  More crawling ensued, so that I could pin the strips together, and it was finally ready to assemble.  Some green Kona was used to make the first narrow border, and a wider border of Vintage Modern fabric completed the top - and here's that picture: 
I would have preferred a less "busy" fabric for the outer border, but it was difficult to find any of this fabric line, so we'll carry on with this one!
Finally, I haven't shared any of my Rainbow Scrappy Challenge blocks for this month...  That would probably be because I didn't get them assembled until yesterday afternoon!  So, instead of getting them a bit at a time, you'll be seeing all 3 of my challenge projects at once (and hopefully, that won't happen again!)  Here they are: Scrappy Braids,
  Japanese X and + blocks,
and finally my Kickin' Stash blocks:
Congratulations if you've hung on all the way to the end!  I promise that I'll try harder next time to post throughout the month!  Thanks for checking in!


  1. They all look sooooo good. I've been having a hard time these past couple of months finding the time to get blog posts done, too.

  2. Nice green blocks. I like your socks; I should make some myself before winter sets in.

  3. Love the Vintage modern!! Just love the colours! Great projects :)