Friday, August 22, 2014

On the Needles

It's been a while since I shared an "OtN" report - partly because I haven't done any more work on my blue shrug / sweater.  It hasn't been terrifically hot here this past summer, so I can't use that as an excuse.....  I have been doing some gardening and preserving, and some crocheting - but most of the knitting things I have on the go right now require a fair bit of attention as I'm knitting, and that's been hard to give lately.
BUT, I did start a quick and fairly easy project 2 days ago, so I thought that I'd share it with you.
Here is my first attempt at making a slipper sock that my girls can use when they come to visit in the winter. The yarn is some unlabeled stuff that I picked up at a tent sale last summer, and it's the perfect weight for this pattern.
The slipper sock has 3 sections of reverse stockinette at the top of the leg - the first and third bands are a coordinating green yarn (that's also used for the heel and toe), and the second band is the variegated yarn that the rest of the slipper in knit up in.  For some reason, the first band curled up like it shows in the pattern, but the other two don't seem to want to, so I may end up tacking them down to give that look.  
At the rate these are knitting up, I should have the pair done for next Friday!

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  1. The picture of the slipper looks shorter at the top than your knitted one, but I guess that is adjustable, right? I like the look for wearing as slippers in the winter.