Sunday, November 16, 2014

Some baby-related items!

So, we had my daughter's baby shower yesterday, and had a wonderful time, seeing some folks that we hadn't seen in some time.  Unfortunately, not everyone was able to attend, but we made the best of the day! I wasn't able to finish the project that I hinted at last week, but as soon as it's completed and delivered, I'll post the pics.
I did make a number of items for the shower; just can't believe that I forgot to take pics of some of the items! Maybe I'll have to get her to return some of the goodies for a photo shoot....
So, here is the receiving blanket, and the change pad (folded up) and unrolled:

I've had a half-yard of the Newton sheep fabric for about 7 years - finally found just the right project for it!
I've also made a little progress with my knitting - the back of the sweater is completed to the yoke, and I've started the fronts.  I prefer knitting both of the fronts, and then the sleeves, at the same time - that way, the shaping gets done at exactly the same place on both pieces.
But right now, Christmas knitting has taken over my knitting time.  We've always made the choice to open our gifts on a day other than Christmas day, mostly to focus on the real meaning of Christmas on Dec. 25th, and also because both of our daughters work retail-type jobs, and being able to take 2 consecutive days off at Christmas is almost impossible.  This year, we're getting together to open our gifts on Dec. 7th and 8th - which means that I really need to concentrate on those gifts - the baby isn't due until Jan.!


  1. The receiving blanket and pad are very cute. The color of your sweater is pretty too. I don't envy you having to get your Christmas presents ready that early in Dec. Hope you make it.

  2. Love the texture of the sweater. Can't wait to see it completed.