Sunday, June 7, 2015

June's project is calling me!

I missed May's ALYoF "completed project" link-up - the project got finished, but not in time....  So, we'll try again!  You've probably seen this project before - it was the one I was hoping to finish in April.  I've been using the fabric strips and small patches as my leaders and enders while I've been working on other quilt projects.  Now that I have my H2H quilts finished, I can take a deep breath again and maybe finish this quilt once and for all - I hope!
I've been putting sections together, but now I'm debating how to put it together.  I've taken pics of 3 different options - so I'll take any and all the advice I can get!

Here's option #1:
The rows will be staggered, but sewn together with a narrow sashing strip between each row.  I'm not sure that it will work with wide "joint" sections separating each brick, and then narrow sashing.  I could make the joints narrow too - I'd have to undo all the blocks (again!), and make the solid fabric narrower, but if it makes the block work, it will be worth it! 

Option #2:    
This version just has the rows sewn together - they'll still be staggered, but without any sashing.

Option #3:  I can take version #2, and set a sashing strip between every 4 or 5 rows.  They'd probably have to be wider that the strips in option #1...

Now that I see all of these options here, I think that I know what I'm going to do, but would still appreciate hearing your ideas!  And, as always, I appreciate my readers and the comments that you leave!


  1. I like number one the best.

  2. I like option #1 too. The wide joints look absolutely fine with the narrow sashing. Great fabrics, too.