Saturday, June 6, 2015

SO close!

It's time to reveal my completed quilts for the H2H challenge - and alas, I have only one finished - but it's a finish!  The second one is ready to bind, but this is the cut-off time, so I'm posting what I got done.  I've had a few other challenges along the way, and they've cut into my quilting time to some extent (and there's also been a bit of "partying" going on as hubby and I both celebrated birthdays recently!)
But, here's what you've been waiting for - the picture of my quilt!
I'm hoping to have the 2nd quilt pic in the next hour, so you can check back for it then!


  1. It's a beautiful quilt, Jannette! You did a marvelous job despite a lot of challenges. You are the best!

  2. Very pretty quilt. Happy belated birthday.