Sunday, July 19, 2015

An "In-progress" report

I thought that I had posted this update a few days ago, but apparently I was dreaming!
The first thing I found out was that the 9-patch blocks varied somewhat in size - enough to make it a problem that "fudging" wouldn't fix.  So, after I cut all the squares, I measured a few blocks to find their average size, and trimmed all of the blocks down to that measurement.
You wouldn't think that just trimming off 1/4" or even just 1/8" would take up so much time, but it did!  That job is finally finished - thankfully!
This picture shows just some of the blocks, and some of the little strips that I cut off - and there were so many more!  But, that job is finally done, and I hope to start assembling the top in the next day or two...

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