Thursday, July 30, 2015

July's completed project

I'm sure that you're all waiting with bated breath - did she finish her project on time?  Yes, I did!
It's hard to believe, but when I started quilting, I wanted / needed every aspect of my quilts to match - there's NO way that I would make a scrappy quilt!  I enjoyed other people's scrappy quilts, but it just wasn't my thing.  I can't remember when that changed, but now it seems to be the only kind of quilt that I make!  (I still have the odd unfinished "matchy-matchy" project in a box somewhere, but I'm not sure I can finish them....)
I'm also unable to pass up interesting Fat Quarters - take me to a quilt shop, or a show, and I'll inevitably end up with half a dozen FQs in my hand.  I usually don't have a plan for them, but I'll find a quilt for them someday!  That's partly how this quilt came to be - I had odds and ends of other quilt projects, or random FQs, and even a few cotton fabrics that came from "yard sales" at guild meetings.
I've made 3 or 4 disappearing 9-patch quilts, and have at least one more in the works.  It's a fun project - basically, you chose a colour for the middle block, then pick 8 more fabrics to go around it.  They can coordinate, or be any colour of the rainbow.  Sew them together, then cut the block into 4 equal sections - mix and match with other blocks and sew them together again.  The center block becomes the focus.  In my quilt, I chose red for the centers - different fabrics and shades of red, but always red in the center.  How you sew them together brings the reds together again, across the corners.
You can use as few as 2 colours, or as many as you want, but the scrappier, the better!  And here's my quilt: