Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May wrap-up

Another month has flown by - but I know that it was full of all kinds of activities, some happy, some not so much...  So, maybe it's a good thing that tomorrow we turn the calendar page to June and start again!
I did get quite a few projects completed in May - my Hands2Help quilts of course, and my Quilty 365 blocks; I also finished a Twisted Sisters quilt and a wedding gift quilt.
I'm going to share the Quilty 365 blocks first - normally I would have shown you week by week, but with our computer issues, I wasn't able to show the first 2 week's worth, so I decided to just show them all at the end of the month.  I started this project on Jan. 1st, so I've now completed 152 Dancing Plus blocks!  Here are the latest 31:
I'm sorry that it's not the best picture, but I
it's my only option for right now.
Next up is my Twisted Sisters quilt (pattern by Ami Simms) - the background fabric is a"cloud" print, and I took my pinwheel colours from that fabric.  I had some yellow binding left from my big H2H quilt, and I thought that it would work on this quilt as well; it was obviously meant to be, because I had EXACTLY enough to bind this quilt with about 4" left over!

Finally, the wedding quilt!  My son was the best man for the wedding of his best friend since grade 5(?) - and we were all really happy when he met, courted, and proposed to, and married his beautiful bride.  The happy occasion needed a quilt!  It's a "throw" size - it should be big enough for them to snuggle under when they watch movies together, or to curl up under when one of them has a cold or the 'flu.  The pattern is called "The H Quilt" but I labelled it as "H is for Happiness" - and we hope and pray that they're blessed with lots of happy days!

I think I'm ready for June!
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  1. The dancing plus blocks are so fun!! The "H" quilt is awesome! I know they will treasure it!

  2. Great pluses, these are so cheerful :) Those are wonderful quilts! H for happiness is such a lovely gift :)

  3. Really good looking cards, my GF is making such one too :)