Tuesday, February 9, 2010

a birthday card for Rebecca

I have all these stamp sets on my shelf, and I decided that I'd better either start using them or get rid of them - so I grabbed a set at random, and this is one of the cards I made.
This set is very versatile - I think I made 6 different cards with it, and I could probably make another 5 or 6!
I originally put the cards in my box, but I've sent out a few since then. I just noticed last night that it's Rebecca's birthday on Sat., so I grabbed my box, picked this card, and just before I put it into the envelope, I realized that I should share it here first. I know that Rebecca doesn't even know that I have a blog, so it's safe to post it here!
Happy birthday friend!


  1. You didn't tell me you had a BLOG!!! Now I can come and glean all your talent! I'm so glad you read my SPECIAL post about your wonderful HEART and TALENT!!

    I know how much TIME was put into your thoughtful gift and I will always remember this!

    Thanks you soo much,

  2. Hi Jannette, I just went back a few posts and got inspired by your "man" card! Going to make one right away, I think I'll take a pic of it with my new camera! Indulge two past times in one shot:)