Monday, April 26, 2010

I can finally post this quilt!

A very special friend of mine was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. We share a number of quilting friends, so I asked a bunch of them to help make a quilt for Pam, to let her know that we were thinking of her, and praying for her. The weeks passed, and I started getting quilt blocks in the mail - it was so much fun! I ended up with 29 blocks, plus a special label which I ended up making into a block. The quilt has 15 blocks on each side, and was beautifully quilted by one of the members of our quilting group. Pam loves butterflies, so a few people made blocks with butterflies on them, and the quilting motif also has butterflies. The only requirement for the quilt blocks was that it had to have pink in the fabric. My block is the 3rd down on the right side of the white-bordered side.
Pam got the quilt this morning, so I can finally post the pictures of it here! She has just finished her treatments, and hopefully is cancer-free!


  1. Wow, a double sided quilt! I don't think I have ever seen one. I'm sure your friend Pam was overwhelmed with surprise and pleasure at such a beautiful gift. I will pray too that she is cancer free. Thank you for sharing this work of art with us. It is another glimpse into the beauty of your caring heart!!

  2. Yes indeed you have the most CARING heart Jannette...THANK YOU!!! I was absolutley overwhelmed with this lovely gift. I too was fasinated by the double even and perfect!

    Not cancer-free yet..but on the way..
    I AM A CANCER SURVIOR! and this CELEBRATION QUILT is my treasure!

    God bless you in a very special way for your thoughtfulness and sacrifice.


  3. For close ups of the quilt your readers can visit my blog...wateringwellsofhope...

    Blessings to you Jannette..