Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Time is Here....

... so goes the song from one of my favourite Christmas specials - A Charlie Brown Christmas. I know that it's only Dec. 5th, but just a few days ago, it was Oct. 29th.... I blinked, and suddenly it's only 20 days till Christmas!
I really love this time of year, with all it's special sights, sounds, smells and cards.... Right! Christmas cards! Yikes - I need to make some cards!
I have a number of different recipients - quilting friends, church friends, family, special friends... and you KNOW that you can't give the same card to all of those different people, so I bookmark special cards that I find online; when it gets close to Christmas, I check out my pics, and decide which cards to make for which group of people.
I made a few green and white and snowflake cards for my quilting friends; the multi-coloured Christmas trees, and the "candle" cards are for my newspaper customers (I deliver our weekly newspaper to approx. 110 people). And those other people on my list? Hopefully I'll have enough time to make cards for them soon! Check in here in a few days to see what I've come up with!


  1. I know hey.....and then it's here and gone just as quickly!
    Pretty cards! Love the christmas trees...embossing them gives them a great look!