Saturday, December 17, 2011

So I was wrong.....

Last week's Friday Night Sew-In wasn't the last one for the year after all - there was one more, last night. I never have to go looking for a project to do - I have at least 5 quilts at various stages of completion...
I've had blocks cut for a cute quilt for quite a while, but I decided that it would have to wait until I had some much more urgent ones completed first. I have finished piecing the tops of most of them (I'm waiting for batting to go on sale so I can finish them), so I gave myself permission to start this new one.

The pattern is called "Super Zig" and I found it online; it's FREE at the LecienUSA website! I got a lot of the blocks sewn together and trimmed, and even got a few rows started before I almost fell asleep sewing a seam - definitely NOT a good idea!
I'm going to sign off now so I can check out a few of the other blog posts - enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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