Friday, January 20, 2012

After Christmas Sew Along Part 3

This has been a really crazy week here, so I'm glad that I got some sewing done on Monday, because I haven't really had a chance to do any since.
Way back in November (the 19th, to be precise), I worked on a strippy donation quilt. I had made a lot of blocks with 4 strips per block, that were then sewn together, alternating up-and-down with side-to-side. Well, I hadn't really counted how many blocks I had made - and wow! did I ever have a lot of blocks! The top that I made then barely made a dent in the pile! So, this is strippy quilt, version #2. This time, I decided to put the blocks on point, and I really like the look. Obviously, I haven't got a lot of the top completed, but seeing as tonight is Friday Night Sew-In night, I just might get a lot more done then (I've learned not to count on anything this week though, so don't hold your breath!)
Oh, right, pictures! There's just the one - the section I've completed, and a few block sets, waiting to be added on:

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