Thursday, January 26, 2012

Final "After Christmas Sew Along"

This week marks the end of the After Christmas Sew Along. I loved having one day set aside every week to sew - and even though I might have other days to get behind the machine, this one was sort of carved in stone.
I was hoping to have the whole day to work on my latest Work In Process (WIP) - the Scrappy Dresden Plate quilt-along. I had bought the ruler and cut and sewn a few strips to try out the Dresden Plate pattern before Christmas, and even though I wasn't sure I was going to take part, I couldn't pass it up. Sew, the plan was to work at making the 12 plates that I needed for the January installment - and then the phone rang. My mom is pretty seriously ill, and my sis needed me to help out, so that meant the end of my day-long sewing adventure. I did manage to finally get some stitching and even the pressing done, and parts of 3 different plates sewn together.
There's not a lot to show for it, but I figure I can sew most any day - but my mom's not going to be here forever, and she's definitely MUCH more important!
I do have a picture or two of my progress - check out the pile of sewn parts, and some of them pressed and ready to sew:


  1. looks like you've made a lot of progress, it seems sad to see the after christmas sew along come to an end,lol, I am trying to get the picnic quilt finished up

  2. How great that you had a day of sewing planned and not a day of appointments scheduled...