Thursday, March 15, 2012

Anniversaries and other fun things....

One of my sisters (and her husband!) celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary this past week - and it called for a special card. It took 3 tries, but I finally came up with one that was acceptable enough (she's a card-maker too, so there are standards, you know...) I pulled together a few pieces of DP from an SU pack from a few years ago, and chose my pallette from that. A lacey oval from Spellbinders, and their initials and the #30 from a set of dies hubby gave me for Christmas a few years ago finished it all off.

And, seeing that tomorrow is the March edition of Friday Night Sew-In, and I had a little bit of time, I figured that I'd get a head-start on my project. It wasn't too difficult - I've just started 3 new ones... Here's the fabrics in the Ruby jelly roll - I found a great tutorial online, and I'm going to be playing with that. Check back on Sat. to see what I've done.


  1. This is a great card, love this colour combo.Your sister will love this card especially made for them!
    How do you get it all done, Jannette? Just looking at those nice fabrics, I can see that you love the quilting.
    I am not allowed to have another hobby, I wonder why, LOL!

  2. One of these days...I am going to make YOU a beautiful card...yours are so lovely and treasures.

    I NEED to get back to's been quite a while. Just no inspiration or energy for some reason...but my health is okay. Had a check up and doing good...Hope you are doing okay..praying for you!!

    Love and hugs

  3. Love your card!!! And can't wait to see what you did for the FNSI!!!

  4. Very nice anniversary card! I love how you personnalized it just for them.
    Also love all those beautifuL cheery spring fabrics. Can't wait to see the finished quilt!