Saturday, November 17, 2012

November FNSI

I can hardly believe that it's the 17th of November - where has this month gone so quickly? There's nothing like the monthly Friday Night Sew-In to remind me that time's a-flyin'! I missed a few FNSIs in the past few months, and that fact inspired me to be more motivated this time - and once I've signed up, I hate to spend the night doing anything but sewing. Last night was a good night to get some work done on one of my latest mysteries - this one (Mystery Quilt by e-mail) is sponsored by Heather Spence (, and is benefitting a little boy and his family as he battles cancer. You pay $15. to be part of the mystery - $5. goes for costs involved with the mystery and the balance goes to the family of the little boy. There are 2 versions of this quilt too - you can choose the level of difficulty that you're most comfortable with. The parts of this mystery have all been released now, but I'm a "wee" bit behind, and didn't have much accomplished in the piecing department. When I quit sewing last night, I finally had the quilt center done (although I'm considering making it one row longer) - other than that, all that's left to do is the 4 borders; then layer it, quilt it and bind it. Once it's done, I'll have to decide who will be getting it too - volunteers, anyone? Just kidding! Here's what I have accomplished so far:
I'm hoping to have the top done by the end of next week - check back then to see the quilt top finished.

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  1. It looks fabulous, and you got so much done! Congratulations!