Saturday, November 10, 2012

Superstorm Sandy

We've all seen the horrible destruction in the wake of Superstorm Sandy - and more than one person has wondered what they could do to help. Thankfully, a number of quilters have banded together and are making quilts for as many people as they can. One website offered a fairly simple block and asked us to sign up for as many as we thought we could reasonably make. Of course, there's also a time limit, so the blocks have to be received by Nov. 25th. Any time I've sent things to the U.S., it seems to take at least a week and a half (although Canada Post doesn't seem to be doing a really wonderful job either lately...!). Well, I've pulled some bright fabrics from my stash, because if you're facing what some of those folks are facing, you need a little bright, right? All of the blocks needed to be white, with one other fabric - it didn't matter if it was solid or print. I went with some fun fabrics, and some pretty fabrics, and, well, I'll just show you a picture!
There are 12 altogether - I could get enough white blocks out of 2 strips of the white fabric to make 12 blocks, and I have LOTS of stash fabric, so that's why I made 12 (I signed up for 5). They went out this morning, so I hope to hear from the quilter in about 2 weeks that they've arrived. It's such a small gesture, but it adds up! Here's a link to the original post, in case you can help out too - even one block helps!

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