Sunday, December 30, 2012

A final post for 2012

This past month has flown by so quickly - maybe because I was so "unready" for most of it to happen... It seems like every time I check the calendar, it's at least 3 days later than I think it should be - and now there's only 1 day left! I FINALLY got some time to work on my latest MysteryQuilt4Military - the mystery actually concluded a few weeks ago, but it seems that quite a few of the ladies are having a difficult time keeping up with the mystery this time, so I'm in good company! I also decided to make 2 of these quilts before I actually saw the pattern, so, I'm behind twice as badly! Here are my fabrics - first is a soft teal; a cream solid and then a darker teal; the second colourway is a deep-ish green, white and red fabrics. I really have no blocks put together yet to give you an idea of what this pattern will look like.
I also signed up to do an online mystery quilt on New Year's day - it requires a jelly roll and a coordinating fabric. I should have pics on Tues. or Wed. I also managed to make a Secret Santa gift for one of my online quilting-forum friends:
The trees are probably more appropriate for the Christmas season; the little fabric dish can be used year-round. I also made and mailed a bunch of Christmas cards (forgot to get pics of most of them); and I knit slippers for our SIL for Christmas. Each of us drew a name of a family member - we then had to make a gift for that person; AND, I made 3 kinds of Christmas cookies, and one kind of fudge for our neighbours and a few friends... So, it's obvious why I always seemed to be behind! Maybe I should resolve to do a little better in the blogging department for the new year - at least, I'll try to do better!

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  1. You are one energetic lady! If you could kindly bottle up some of that energy, I would be happy to pay a high price for it...then think of all the new fabric you could buy?!! Love all your projects! Thank you for sharing them throughout the year! You truly take the saying "hands to work, hearts to God" to the highest level!