Thursday, April 18, 2013


So, we're already at the half-point of the month (how can that be?) - and I'm going to update you with my April "Lovely Year of Finishes" project.  I'm on the home stretch - the quilting is finished, and the binding is completely sewn on.  Now I have to sew the binding down on the back- I started to do that with the machine, but there were issues, so I'm working on it by hand.  That's not the most fun - I have arthritis in my hands, and handwork like hand-stitching and crocheting irritate my hands, so we'll see how this is going to work out...
Anyway, here's the picture to show my progress:
Some of the binding is stitched down in this pic - and I really like how well I managed to miter my corners!  You can see the quilting on the back side - I basically echoed the chevrons, varying the width of the spaces between the quilted lines.  I used a great variegated thread on the quilt top - and it looks like most of the colours in the quilt top also show up in the thread, so that's a bonus!  Now I'm off to link up my pic on Melissa's website...


  1. The quilting looks great - nice sharp corners. I hope your hands don't complain too much, or that the next 12 days are enough time to spread it out to finish on time.

  2. I love that line of fabric! Your quilt looks great

  3. Here's a link for how I do my faux piped binding...... completely by machine. It might be helpful to those aching hands. I use it all the time and love it.

  4. Don't you love it when you try it and it works!! Love that!

    I like the chevron!