Monday, October 7, 2013

October's challenge

Look at this - two posts in two days!  I'm cutting it really close with this post, and the same may be true for this project.  My oldest nephew on my side of the family is getting married in November, and I promised to make a quilt.  I've had the fabrics for a while - thankfully, the quilt top is made up of charm packs and a jelly roll - but time is disappearing quickly, and I have to get this project done ASAP!
I loved the look of the Boho fabrics - young and modern, not too girly or too masculine, so it seemed like the perfect line to use.  Both the bride and groom are kind of "artsy", so I thought these fabrics would appeal to both of them.  Unfortunately, the prints aren't really square to the grain of the fabric, and some of the charm squares look quite tilted.  But, I'm going to do my best to disguise the wonkiness - which could be interesting with the square look of the pattern.  I'm using Jenny Doan's (Missouri Quilt Co.) "Falling Charms" tutorial.  I've got all of the charms sewn to the jelly roll strips; some of them have the second strip sewn on too, and I'm starting to assemble rows.  Hopefully, this quilt will come together quickly!
Now, I'm sure that you want to see what I'm talking about, so here's a picture:
The picture is actually sideways, and I'm not sure how to rotate it.  There are 2 short rows of 4 squares each;  there are also single squares at the end of each row to show the progression, and there's also a single, random block.  I'm hoping to share my progress as I go along.....


  1. I like the way this is looking. I think you'll end up with something complex looking, from the simple shapes' Good choice in the fabrics, too. I agree with you about them not being too feminine or too masculine. The wonkiness will add interest to them. Please post as you go, if you can. I'd love to watch this one grow.

  2. It loos great! Patiently waiting for the reveal...

  3. Love the colours!. Sometimes I have to rotate the photo where I save them in my folder, and them post them from that file.