Thursday, October 31, 2013

October's Finish

Well, October has come to an end - and I'm not sure if I'm more thankful that it's over, or frightened... because Christmas is getting closer every day, and I'm VERY aware of everything that I have left to do before then!
But, for now, I'll stick to October and my Lovely Year of Finishes project -the quilt that will be my nephew's wedding gift.  The wedding is on Nov. 9th, and the plan was to have the quilt completely finished before we leave for the wedding (no stitching in the car will be allowed!).  The quilt is somewhere between a queen and king size - and I've never quilted one this large, but the quilting is very simple and graphic - which suits the quilt design very well.
So, here's the proof:
 The border and binding are one of the prints in the quilt, one of the "tamer" prints, and it's green, which is one of the favourite colours of the bride's, so it should be a win-win situation!
Thanks for checking in!  Pop back in a few days to check out November's project....