Sunday, October 6, 2013

What I've been doing when I should have been blogging......

I know, I know - you check in here every day, expecting magnificent pieces of quilted gorgeousness - and there's nothing new...  I'm sorry.  I've been really busy - I just don't have anything to show for it.  Dad's been quite sick, and my 2 sisters and I have been spending a lot of time looking after him; I've also been gallivanting around the countryside, judging baking and canning at a few of the local fairs.  We also have a wedding in the family next month, so there's a wedding quilt in the works, but there's just not much to show for it yet.
Remember that I mentioned local fairs?  I did have a great time creating something for one of the fairs!  My mom was great at saving the "offcuts" of fabrics, left over after making her dresses, or her grandkid's pjs, or sheets for the crisis pregnancy center.  She'd been saving fabric for a LONG time - so, when I read that one of the categories for one of those local fairs required creating a project using 60's polyester fabrics, I just went to mom's overflowing fabric scrap storage.  I found a bag FULL of scraps, and bits of yardage - and I dreamed up this little project:  
  It's a throw rug, knitted with 1" strips of polyester fabric, AKA crimpolene!  There are enough strips left over to make at least 2 more (I told you that she saved her fabric scraps!  It got me a 1st place ribbon though, so it was definitely worth the endless hours I put into it!)
I also made a few cards - this one for a friend at church....
  And finally, my oldest nephew is getting married in a month, and there was a bridal shower this afternoon.  The bride-to-be loves owls, so I had to make these potholders for her.  She loved them! 
  I will put up my October "Lovely Year of Finishes" project post sometime tomorrow.  Two posts in two days - yahoo!


  1. Yep, you're right, I check in every day to see what you are up to. LOL! Not really, but it is nice to hear from you and see what you are up to. Sorry to hear about your Dad not being well. I love your rug, and good for you for getting a prize for it. It's nice to know that old horrible crimpoline stuff still has its uses. I remember making clothes out of it. The owls are adorable.

  2. Congrats on your first place ribbon! Love your throw rug! And those owl potholders...they are so cute! Can I place an order for a set.....cause I know you have lots of free time to whip me up a couple!?!?! Just in time for christmas would be good!